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  1. This saddens me so much to hear. Cool was always most genuine person. I remember being shocked that he even remembered who I was and our conversations about Brazil that had happened years previous in comms playing Shadowbane. My thoughts go out to all those that were close to him. He will be sorely missed.
  2. I played SB for too many years. SB definitely had grinding, AFK macro groups and looting. Farming other people did work but really wasn't more efficient than an AFK loot macro. Anyway, I do want loot to drop, just not to the extent that I waste so much time managing all of it that I miss out on the fun part, killing people. I'm sure there will be a happy medium. Maybe they will come up with a full loot system that doesn't have much down time in between fights or hours of preparation a few rounds of fights. I agree that killing for loot IS the fun part especially when killing someone when they just snatched the commander rune.
  3. I play the game for the PvP not to play Inventory Manager 2015. I don't want to have to grind to make sure my bank is stocked with 20 of each item before a siege. Now if I could have gear summoned onto my body if it was available in my inventory I'd be more OK with full loot. I really want to avoid grinding, I like the idea of no repairs or chance to drop items to make it felt in the economy but I don't enjoy the hassle of one more step of prep before having to get to the fun part.
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