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  1. War Story of the Year! Thanks for putting me on the list!
  2. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like that the leveling is pretty simple, and can be achieved quickly I like the Q&A sessions on Twitch I like the combat system, and aiming system is WAAAY better then tab targeting. I like how your race and class give you particular strengths and weaknesses I really enjoy the general concept of sieges and huge war like battles. Including siege equipment Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it be
  3. Thats because there needs to be more content then..pvp till armor breaks and gather/craft..repeat
  4. Good Points, Only one I don't really care about is the durability loss increase. Personally don't want to feel like I need new gear every other day. But My main concern is. we need a reason to play daily. Need the world to feel more alive. And worth logging into. Open world pvp is fun, but when im searching most of the time, with no other objectives other then to hopefully find someone, its not fun.
  5. While ins Dregs there needs to be more content. Some ideas I have, and have said before in passing. And sure this brings more "PvE" but all of this should get players more excited, out in the world that will promote PvP. Right now the world is boring and needs something to make this game alive. INTRODUCE WYVERN: This is a cool idea I have seen on Crowfall concept art. Wyvern would be a giant event at a random map that just destroys things in its path until it has been beaten. Would require a guild/alliance 15+people to defeat This is something that ca
  6. Instead of going in circles with you, Ill just say, they better fix campaign and make it worth logging in every day/give it more content or we are doomed.
  7. Having instanced pvp is not going to make the people who want to play campaign, not play campaigns. Nor is it going to affect the people and small guilds who don't currently compete in campaigns. If you are an active competitive guild, and you can't field a group for campaign events because your members are only doing instanced pvp, well get control of your guild or boot the people who are not making your guild competitive. I still think if you bring in instanced pvp, it draws more player base. And when these players realize they need better pvp gear and the only way to get this pvp gear
  8. Who said its bad? Maybe if there was some better lore and the guineacians had a cool lead character. Who knows. Just visually unappealing is all i am getting at. (IMO)
  9. Seems odd to be scared of that. Because imo every good MMO ive played has had instanced pvp. and still completely had their end game and open world be relevant. People just get burnt out doing one thing for too long. Its nice to have options. Plus campaigns are pointless if my guild is taking a break.
  10. Sure, its an opinion. I just personally feel no desire to play a guineacian. Small fury creatures feel kiddish to me.
  11. Yea id love to see some world events that combine the two.
  12. Negative and again a lame statement. lol I love the game and will always play campaign with my guild. How does having more routes of play have to do changing an entire game? If they removed campaign and added only instanced pvp, THAT would be a different game
  13. This whole statement is lame lol. Goiblines and other green skin races are definitely cool and fun to play. A gang of goblins ganking people looks/sounds way cooler then a group of ratboys
  14. Im not against it, I wish every day that crowfall gets this. I could actually play the game everyday then.
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