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  1. The only problem is if Guild B declines, then zone caps...there's no threat. Multiple things need to be fixed for this to all work.
  2. You cannot decline, but you can only be attacked so often. Basically this would elevate guilds also defending their keep for NO reason because no one shows up to attack.
  3. Basically an attacking guild, will declare an attack, the defenders then accept the attack and there is a determined time for this PvP raid siege to happen where both parties are in agreement. Basically just a scheduled siege where both full guilds will be ready and able to participate and not be locked out of a zone. They will have priority.
  4. I will keep this short. As a veteran player coming back for launch. I see lots of updates and the work ACE has put in. But again, as all games, we have the good and the bad. The Good: 1) New Player Experience! Players have been more apt to start guilds and get rolling. Giving the players some sense of how the game works Promoting them to join a guild. 2) Performance has been better, but.... still no where to expectations. Better then the old slide show that some players had to deal with. 3) Level Boosting THANK GOD!!! This was so needed. 4) Respec Again, thank you ACE for finally giving this to us. This although should be cheaper for non VIP members 5) The World I am so glad they brought different styles of land to the world such as: Mires Waterfalls Rivers The Bad: 1) The Same Numbers Problem. In my opinion, we should cap guilds to 75 players. 2) Remove Alliances (Bring Back Friendly Fire) ONLY bring this back though if we shrink the guild cap. Because the whole reason this was wanted originally was to combat huge zerg guilds. But now, pretty much just becomes zerg alliances. IMO smaller guild cap and friendly fire will create more strategy and fun during fights. 3) Hand Shake Sieges. This just needs to happen to prevent this horrible zone capping strategy that is currently being used. 4) Performance is also bad! Yes, it has gotten better, but a huge 200 player battle is still pretty bad and almost unplayable for some people. Also there are times when I cant even turn and face the enemy without it snapping over them and point game away from the fight 5) The game still lacks some sense of living world. The war tribes, and creatures just exist. There is no story to these tribes, no reason they are on the map other then to farm for poorly made dergsty gear. There needs to be life to the world and story. The pvp is fun, but a living world needs SOME pve. As I use to state back when I played prior, world events such as war tribe attacks, or a huge raid mob spawning that is destroying things in its way would be awesome. I see these HUGE skeletons in the mire....let us fight something that big. Give us ways to incorporate those creatures into the game. Hell, I would even be down for there to be ways to complete hard objectives in order to have these huge giants or dragons to fight or defend keeps for you. Make the world, more then me farming. Again, just a few thoughts. I am glad to be back, and i want this game to succeed. Players need to voice up constructive criticism and ideas for ACE instead of just pure bashing or bitching.
  5. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like that the leveling is pretty simple, and can be achieved quickly I like the Q&A sessions on Twitch I like the combat system, and aiming system is WAAAY better then tab targeting. I like how your race and class give you particular strengths and weaknesses I really enjoy the general concept of sieges and huge war like battles. Including siege equipment Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike permanent stealth. There is NO reason any class should be able to remain stealth for so long with no consequences. Makes solo play just a constant battle between stealth classes (which most likely stealth by each other) or never ending ganks from a group of rat boys. Crafting system. It really disappointing that no matter what specialty you want to master, you will have to need another account/person to craft. Which just makes people have to buy more accounts if you want to be able to craft solo on down time. Saying that I still just in general don't like crafting, even in WoW I never really cared about professions unless it was Herb/Alchemy for Raid elixirs. Lack of meaningful play. I have almost no desire to log on unless its siege hour. If our guild wants to gather resources as a group, I will gladly assist, but i'm almost always hoping someone tries to attack us or i am on my phone mindlessly following around. Give us content, something that makes playing every day fun. Leveling upgraded vessels is POINTLESS. Allow me to sacrifice my white vessel and stay 30. Defending Keeps is too easy. I want Keep battles to be long, epic battles. This is Crowfalls end game material here. It shouldn't be over because Bane trees die from a strong wind and the WHOLE siege is over. IMO get rid of bane trees and make the keep siege able for the entire hour with a hand-shake system. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. TRAPS - Jesus fix them, they make close quarter battles unfun. Keep gates are bugged and have to sometimes spam F to finally get in. Frostweaver auto attacks act like a 5 year old is drawing with chalk and is super excessive sometimes, even going backwards if the target is blocked. I'd put more, but I really have lost the will to play as much as I usually do recently. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? For someone who has no passion for gathering/crafting, why should I log in a play everyday? When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? Tuesday Night P.S. I know it is always so much easier to point out the bad more so then the good. I love the potential this game has, and I want for it to succeed so bad. But realistically it needs so much more, and the people who are shunning away new ideas or concepts that bring in more players because they don't want their "niche game" to be ruined, are the downfall of this game. They are more concerned with their own ideals then bringing in an epic world we can all find joy in and play together consistently. There is a reason why our population is low, and getting lower.
  6. Thats because there needs to be more content then..pvp till armor breaks and gather/craft..repeat
  7. Good Points, Only one I don't really care about is the durability loss increase. Personally don't want to feel like I need new gear every other day. But My main concern is. we need a reason to play daily. Need the world to feel more alive. And worth logging into. Open world pvp is fun, but when im searching most of the time, with no other objectives other then to hopefully find someone, its not fun.
  8. While ins Dregs there needs to be more content. Some ideas I have, and have said before in passing. And sure this brings more "PvE" but all of this should get players more excited, out in the world that will promote PvP. Right now the world is boring and needs something to make this game alive. INTRODUCE WYVERN: This is a cool idea I have seen on Crowfall concept art. Wyvern would be a giant event at a random map that just destroys things in its path until it has been beaten. Would require a guild/alliance 15+people to defeat This is something that can either spawn by itself randomly throughout the campaign or be something that guilds/alliances can summon by completing some per-requisites. I personally like the random event. SEASONAL WAR TRIBE EVENTS: War Tribes should a be a fun PvP/PvE content booster for farming, and on low population timings. Something that can also promote pvp by pulling players for farming/DF cards Different seasons can mean different war tribe types/or loot, etc. SPRING: WAR TRIBES: . The masses are setting up and getting ready for their assaults on guild buildings in future seasons. Caravans (Like Enemy Pig Runs) destroy war tribe caravans for loot. Tribe Loot = Higher % chance for Gold/Mats & Lower % chance for Gear WYVERN: The SPRING Wyvern Does Nature/Organic Damage Loot = Gold/Resources SUMMER: WAR TRIBES: War tribes in the summer are active and attacking random outposts/forts/keeps. This could be when a King spawns. The King even activates a mass war tribe spawn that marches towards the nearest player owned structure and neutralizes it. The mass will remain and re spawn defeated war tribe members until the king is defeated. The war tribe can reach keeps, but since keep walls cannot be player smacked anymore, wouldn't make much sense, unless we give war tibes siege equipment lmao. Id say, allow them to do dmg to walls. That way if a guild doesn't pay them attention, their wall4s will be broken, or need repairs. Also a guild could technically try to defend a war tribe assault to disrupt guild keep builds. Tribe Loot = Lower % chance for Gold/Mats & Higher % chance for Gear WYVERN: The SUMMER Wyvern Fire Damage Loot = Gold / Gear / Resources FALL: WAR TRIBES: Caravans are back to being active but are now full of their war efforts (Mats / Resources) Tribe Loot = Lower % chance for Gold / Gear Higher % Chance for Mats WYVERN: The FALL Wyvern Physical Damage (Slashing/Crushing/Piercing) Loot = Gold / Resources WINTER: WAR TRIBES: War tribes are turning into the undead (bring back the skeletons/zombies I have seen videos on) These undead have been consumed by the hunger and now roam aimlessly around spreading the hunger Tribe Loot = Low % chance for Gold / Gear Higher % Chance for Mats / Necro parts WYVERN: The FALL Wyvern Ice Damage (of course) Loot = Gold / Resources (Maybe add souls from the Wyvern consuming the thralls souls to gain power) Add a feature that wherever this wyvern lands the ground is consumed in hunger that players who attack must fight in
  9. Instead of going in circles with you, Ill just say, they better fix campaign and make it worth logging in every day/give it more content or we are doomed.
  10. Having instanced pvp is not going to make the people who want to play campaign, not play campaigns. Nor is it going to affect the people and small guilds who don't currently compete in campaigns. If you are an active competitive guild, and you can't field a group for campaign events because your members are only doing instanced pvp, well get control of your guild or boot the people who are not making your guild competitive. I still think if you bring in instanced pvp, it draws more player base. And when these players realize they need better pvp gear and the only way to get this pvp gear is to gather resources from the campaign, boom...players in campaign farming for you and you angry friends to kill. I want ACE to focus on campaign and make it great FIRST and FOREMOST. But only playing the campaign..especially at its current state is total burnout material. And the whole EK pvp argument sucks, takes too much effort and too long to coordinate EK pvp thats actually beneficial and fun.
  11. Who said its bad? Maybe if there was some better lore and the guineacians had a cool lead character. Who knows. Just visually unappealing is all i am getting at. (IMO)
  12. Seems odd to be scared of that. Because imo every good MMO ive played has had instanced pvp. and still completely had their end game and open world be relevant. People just get burnt out doing one thing for too long. Its nice to have options. Plus campaigns are pointless if my guild is taking a break.
  13. Sure, its an opinion. I just personally feel no desire to play a guineacian. Small fury creatures feel kiddish to me.
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