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  1. Literally all 3 huge fights for us in last nights campaign. Was not even fun!
  2. Death to Guinecians!!! lol Allow other races become duelists. Reduce the ridiculous dodge from Guinecians Assassins should be the stealthy combat class. Sure have the guinecians do there little burrow thing, but imo just make it a way of increasing movement speed or maybe to become invulnerable for a short duration before coming back up. (no ability use during of course)
  3. Personally I think alliances and agreements ARE strategic. Yes it allows multiple big guilds to ally which SUCKS...but.. it means its going to take more strategy and compliance from the other guilds. Acknowledge the super power and find a good way to destroy it.
  4. I think faction plays no part in DREGS alliance. So when that comes into play, new guilds can absolutely come in and say, hey we need help, we can help you if you help us and form an alliance.
  5. I get your argument, and its frustrating when you are having good pvp between guilds or groups and a huge zerg comes in and just rolls over both. But like others have said, some opinions would be, instead of having two small guilds wanting to be there own, ally with each other or merge into a mutual guild and fight back that huge guild
  6. So hey I know CC helped Wolf Haven and you guys just happened to be the attacking force. But just 30 minutes prior we attacked them for taking our God outpost. So its not like we are trying to be this great alliance. But sometimes them taking forts is better for us then others. But I don't really consider wolf haven nor CC to be large guilds. When I think large guild I think Winterblades or Dissentient aka Purple Tsunami lol. So if your guild is only a group or two I would think to really look into recruiting or establishing these small siege time alliances or agreements. We all hate Zergs, we all hate being rolled over in unwinnable pvp fights that are like 10 vs 20+. But "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"plays heavily in this game thus far. This is just a stupid statement I am sorry. This isn't organized pvp games. Its open world, open rules. Faction campaigns are fine and im sure would still be fun but you are going to run into the same thing with one faction being filled more then others. How about you say if my guild isn't strong enough to compete, make it better. If you just want a personal guild for you and your friends, its going to be rough for you and thats nobodies fault except your own.
  7. This is a great statement. I can say I agree a lot on this original post. Most classes don't feel incredibly unique or interesting to me. Also doesn't help that all race armor is the same regardless of class. And when you branch off into sub classes, they are pretty much the same play style just bonuses in different areas, unless you go healer vs dps or something. There is a lot needed to make this game great. It has potential, I still love playing it. But hopefully things get addressed and we can help create a great game. This idea I would love. Make the end of the tree a sub class ult, that is unique and powerful.
  8. New Player Experience if you talk to Quest giver as you run by. when you are done talking...your character has kept running so you flash to wherever your character kept running towards.
  9. Khalanos


    how would you aim your abilities then?
  10. So found this on the web and thought, What happened to this idea? I would love to be able to color gear and/or represent my guild with cloaks/capes.
  11. I don't even attempt to craft because I don't have multiple accounts. Nor do I think any game should promote the purchasing of multiple accounts to be viable in other aspects of the game. Remove passive training, and make it more about putting in work to get better, instead of waiting weeks to passively train and force a focus on combat or crafting.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. I agree leveling should be removed, unless they add respec ability. But man I got to tell you, unless a campaign is going on or my guild is all on grouping doing stuff together, this game bores me to death. I am personally not that interested in buying a whole other account just to be able to craft good gear or run around chopping wood, skinning, etc on downtime. But I would love to just go out and work on some sort of personal pvp rank or something that might help my guild that involves pvp that I can do solo.
  14. Very true and acceptable. Just venting a bit lol.
  15. My Suggestions that I deem most important to me after being in Crowfall for a month: Enable the ability to re spec PLEASE. Having to re make a character if you mess up a spec or just want to try the another spec is incredibly tedious OR remove the leveling process all together, like the kick starter said.( Although I think the leveling process is a good way to slowly introduce skills, specialization trees, etc Passive tree to me is just bad, I shouldn't have to have multiple accounts just to be a combat specialist and craft too. Guild Interface (This is so crucial) Show who in guild is online/offline Ranks in guild Maybe some notes by member names to know who's crafting what Guild Bank I think everyone understands this one. lol Getting mats to crafters more effectively and or having gear, weapons, etc available for new characters/members Account Wide Mount Personally I think when purchasing mount in game or on the Crowfall store to get the "cooler" mounts. They need to be available account wide. Having to trade a mount from one character to another when you switch or having to buy them for every character is annoying. CROWFALL WEBSITE So this really gets me, the website should allow us to look up all races that include showing us racial statistics and passives. It blows my mind that the website doesn't show it and I have to go to a random wiki page or forum post to see them when creating character. Along with that, the website should have details about the classes, skill you would be looking to get, maybe some videos previewing abilities to show people really what these classes do and are about. Not just some small brief story about the class that does not tell me really anything. BONUS IDEA - This is just a fun idea that I think would be fun but not sure would be exactly a good idea or anything. But introduce Battlegrounds for when campaigns are down. Something like a 5v5 arena style play or king of the hill style game. Just a though, I don't want anything to take away from campaigns but man I find myself miserably waiting for better pvp when campaign is not up. Thanks, let me know what you guys think Khalanos
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