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  1. Ahhh, yes, supply-side economics. A great actor and better statesman named Ronald Reagan once implemented something similar that helped make America great, he dubbed it "Reaganomics". You and I might get along nicely.
  2. It makes sense if you think about it: if I can get pick-pocketed by a Moroccan immigrant whilst alive and well under the Eiffel Tower and barely even notice imagine what can be stolen from me if I'm a inanimate corpse!
  3. Question: When you leave your current vessel to inhabit a new one, does the previous vessel get destroyed or is it like suit that you can put on and take off whenever you want?
  4. I don't know who that is but I can appreciate self-deprecating humor, +1
  5. Elken Degenerate* would be more fitting because of her deplorable behavior. Otherwise that's pretty clever
  6. I see, thanks for the clarification. Only thing that would make sense (and make it worth choosing a race that required a large time investment) would be that the power they gain from their racial tree would be a 'factor of time invested' more powerful than the up-front stat bonuses. Of course, we won't know the reasoning behind it until a dev chimes in and now you have me wondering the same thing
  7. I watched that Crow-a-thon (part of it, at least) yesterday but missed the part you're referring to. I don't quite follow your question, so they are giving attribute bonuses linked to the racial "discipline" up front (like you get it at character creation) but also adding attribute bonuses as trainable skills? If I understand correctly, that may be to foster the sense of unique toons so you can build your guy/girl out the way you want on top of the front-loaded attribute bonuses. Or I could be reading your question entirely wrong. Pardon my ignorance if that's the case, I've yet to step foot in the game.
  8. Concept art looks really cool but I have one question about it, in the first picture (racial gear) they have the horns of an impala but in the second concept picture (elken race) they have the horns of an elk, will both be options at character creation or is one set an older concept that has been scrapped?
  9. Covfefe


    Leto II Atreides incarnate.
  10. Covfefe


    Thank you for the welcome. My name is a typo the God Emperor tweeted out a few months ago.
  11. Covfefe


    I've been following this game for some time and finally pulled the trigger, looking forward to ACE finishing the game so I can loot your dead corpses (and be looted)! I remember Coleman from SB which was a loooong time ago, surprised I remember anything from that time and so I have faith this game will be a worthy successor. Also Gordon is well-known in the industry as a solid project lead so that bolsters my faith. More recently I've been in to action combat MOBAs and single player strategy games kind of biding my time until I can find a MMO to sink my life in to. Hopefully Crowfall will be it! See y'all around!
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