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  1. It's not "common sense". The reason you can't have 1 person fielding "effective tank, healer scout, and both ranged and melee damage dealers" is because you can't have 1 person playing 5 toons at once--not effectively, not at all. Your statement was a bit like saying "wind resistance is one of the primary reasons you can't drive your car through a concrete wall". in other words: wrong and dumb
  2. i'd be well and truly interested to hear about the gameplay experiences of a person who has 1 account and trains crafting instead of combat on that account i'm 99.999999% less interested in hearing about a person who has a crafting account that they call their "main" account but then has additional "alt" accounts for combat purposes
  3. In fairness, you kept spouting off some moronic stuff like " one of the primary reasons to run with a group in this game is precisely that everybody can't do everything, due in part to the game's skill system. For example, due to the limitations imposed by systems including but not limited to the skill system, it will take a group to have an effective tank, healer, scout, and both ranged and melee damage dealers " If you were saying anything intelligent, it was unfortunately being drowned out by the dumb things you were saying, such as the quoted statement above
  4. @ACE_Jackal Never mind I eventually got one of the patchers to work but there seem to be multiple different patcher apps and the "Live" one did not work when I tried it first.
  5. I'll just add that this is a downright obnoxious bug for a game that relies on people signing up for early access to pay development costs, but then uses manufactured skill tree advancement restrictions to drive cash-store sales while sticking "non VIP" accounts in the doghouse. Fix your sh!t and/or create a many-pages-long FAQ ON GETTING THE GAME TO ACTUALLY LAUNCH
  6. Just starting with your first sentence: He said that without these mechanics there would be no reason to join a group. I said that was a silly response, you said it was a sensible response, thereby adopting his position as your own. You further attempt to explain that skill tree specialization is needed to stop one person from fielding a group including "effective tank, healer, scout, and both ranged and melee damage dealers" all by himself. This is batsh!t, and brings us back to the question, How does one person beat a group by himself?, and if the answer is still "you can't" then you should stop talking.
  7. You do realize that people might not to waste money on something even though it is available to spend? Baffling, eh Still, a very clever and not at all obvious way of attempting to insult someone.
  8. I see, I didn't realize there weren't going to be levels in the live game.. didn't pick that up from your comment before. I thought the current setup was for testing purposes. I still don't understand the comment about how removing the time system would eliminate the need to group though, also I had gotten the impression that people mostly use 2nd accounts for training crafting skills (which would make sense).
  9. I didn't say it was a MOBA, I asked for any rationale to explain why having a time-based leveling system makes sense (other than to drive sales)
  10. Let's keep things clear by discussing point by point. Goose: earlier, you said that without these stat bonuses, there would be no reason to join a group. Please explain how removing these stat bonuses would make it more advantageous to run around solo than to be in a group with other players.
  11. Baffles you? It is because having a phone is important and playing a video game is not Hilgo, in your August 15th post you are just describing different degrees of p2w...
  12. I'm not following. Are you saying without these stat bonuses, everybody would be rolling around solo and they'd be playing the same OP class? Which class is that? How would the solo's manage to beat groups of players?
  13. "no reason to join a group"? yeah, these claims are all ridiculous so I'm not going to respond to them
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