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  1. Testing on TEST today!

    This is happening now! Head into So Much Mourning first and hammer away. See if you can break things. After a bit, we'll all head into the Sao Paulo server to give it a test.
  2. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    The article has been updated to include a link to the video on YouTube!
  3. Around 5-6pm CDT we'll be conducting a test on the TEST environment. We want as many people to pile in as possible, so spread the word! The patch is available now, so if you want to patch up ahead of time, feel free.
  4. Rocket Men

  5. Join us for June's Q&A Live! FULL STORY
  6. Game not downloading

    Hey Cecerian, sorry you're still running into this issue. In the last email sent to you from support, we let you know how to move your Crowfall folder to your Program Files (x86) folder. Make sure you move the entire folder, not just the individual file. Then, right-click CFLiveLauncher and Run as Administrator. Write Operation errors like this are almost always fixed by moving the folder and running as admin. If you continue to have problems, please send us another email so we can continue to help you troubleshoot.
  7. Mid-Year Checkpoint - Official Discussion Thread

    I'm a specialist at caring for the community. Yes, even you. <3
  8. It's been a great first half of 2018! See where we've been and where we'll go. FULL STORY
  9. HIGH MSG than disconect

    This is typically caused by Malwarebytes. If you have that, turn off the ransomware scanning and it should fix it. Definitely drop us an email if that doesn't help, though, we can troubleshoot more.
  10. Beware the beast, the harbinger of the storm. FULL STORY
  11. We’re hosting a server performance test tomorrow (Thursday, June 14) at 5 pm CDT. We’ve implemented some new infrastructure to address performance issues, but the true test will come when we fill it with Crows to see how it holds up. All campaigns will be down temporarily to funnel people into one server, Mourning US-East, on our LIVE testing environment. This is a fun opportunity to play with and against the Crowfall dev team while you help us improve game performance. Please encourage your friends and guildmates to join us, too, and log into any alt accounts you might have.
  12. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    The video is now on YouTube and the post has been edited!
  13. Join us for patch notes from the future in June! FULL STORY
  14. Check out this timelapse of a weapon being sculpted, with bonus racial weapon designs! FULL STORY
  15. Welcome to June's ACE Q&A! FULL STORY