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  1. The Assassin is the newest Class available in Crowfall's lineup! FULL STORY
  2. RIP Obs LoD

    You have my sincerest condolences. My thoughts are with LoD and his family and friends.
  3. Don't worry, that one's in the works! These are just the first three of the series.
  4. In order to help out the new folks coming into the game, we're rolling out a series of tutorial videos. FULL STORY
  5. @Sonoros if you want a primer, check out our how to play guide!
  6. Scheduled Siege Signups

    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Seriously, even with some minor ping issues, we got really awesome footage. Nice fights and explodey walls and everything we were hoping for. You guys seriously rock, and I absolutely appreciate all your cooperation and flexibility. I apologize again for the hiccups, but overall you made me one happy jackal.
  7. Scheduled Siege Signups

    For those folks just coming in now: spots are full. I may or may not message people if we end up needing to fill gaps.
  8. Scheduled Siege Signups

    Unfortunately not all maps are available to me, so yes it'll be a Tyranny map that only folks with the demo-only entitlement will be able to see and access. There will be weapon racks. You're welcome to import gear if you'd like, just make sure you export it afterwords. This Campaign won't be coming back up after it goes down. We'll be at Navarre Keep. Which is the north-western most keep. Order will be defending. I'll set everything up before hand, so no worries on building up the keep. The Order guys are welcome to head directly over to the keep when they log in. Chaos will be attacking (feel free to take Dorval Hill's fort if you want a close respawn point). I will not set up the Bane trees, so y'all will have to take care of that. Chaos should wait in their beachhead until I say go. You guys won't have access until closer to 2pm.
  9. Take a look at the upcoming gear for the male Nethari and Half-Elf! FULL STORY
  10. Where is the game launcher

    The launcher for LIVE is CFLiveLauncher. It should show up in the Crowfall folder that you unzip into. If you need additional help, feel free to email and I can walk you through it!
  11. Scheduled Siege Signups

    @DravoiX you can use whatever Race/Class combo you want; all I ask is people get a decent spread so it's not just 20 Wood-Elf Rangers vs 20 Wood-Elf Rangers. There's one spot open for Order!
  12. Scheduled Siege Signups

    @MetalGERE you got the last Chaos spot. Spots are all filled! Thank you to everyone who signed up! Set a reminder on your phone so you don't miss out. If anyone has any questions, you're welcome to post here or message me.
  13. Update the Armor FAQ

    Actually, the FAQ revisions are mostly on me, so I gotta take the blame for this one. Max isn't the worst this time.
  14. Update the Armor FAQ

    All the FAQ's are actually getting full revisions. We'll post them as they're finished. Thanks for the reminder that we need to re-focus on these, though!
  15. Scheduled Siege Signups

    I would prefer folks not stream for this, just for my sake. But you can record and -- if things go well enough -- post it up. If people want to use the unOfficial Discord channel for voice chat, that'd be super neat. I fully expect some groups to branch off into their own chats, so I'll be doing announcements in chat, too, but if enough people are in the voice chats I can pop into each and do a rules reminder and whatnot.