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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this! I'll ask our tech guys to give the server a quick nudge when they get a chance which should fix it. Edit: This should be fixed now!
  2. PLEASE NOTE: If you are NOT seeing the NEW inventory and spellbook UI, you should close the client and re-patch.
  3. Don't be fooled. Doggett will make solid and unwavering eye contact while he steals your fries.
  4. Design Lead Thomas Blair digs even deeper into additions to our action harvesting system. FULL STORY
  5. An update on Crowfall's timeline, and a reminder of what our victory conditions are. FULL STORY
  6. I've moved this to a more appropriate forum. @Saekh could you send your crash log, client log, and dxdiag in an email to, please?
  7. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! returns today on Twitch! FULL STORY
  8. Some of Alpha 2 is in. Basically the Kickstarter folks are in, but not everyone in Alpha 2 got access.
  9. Thomas Blair demonstrates the basic Cleric powers and their accompanying VFX. FULL STORY
  10. @Avarinda and @Monad thanks for the reports! I logged in and experienced the same issue. I'm passing along the information I have so we can get it sorted. Edit: This should be fixed now!
  11. Note: All Alpha 1 should now have access to 5.3!
  12. The ACE Q&A returns to talk about expectations for 5.3. FULL STORY
  13. Get a first look at the new user interface for character sheets, inventory, and equipment. FULL STORY
  14. @Zomnivore you might be interested in our How to Play page.
  15. Eye Candy - Official Discussion Thread

    Sorry for the incredibly late news post, folks! Technical difficulties.