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  1. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    Y'all need to keep up with the lore! The cats have always had a diety. As is only right.
  2. Pre-Alpha 5 Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    It's the goddess Illara!
  3. Art is taking over the Pre-Alpha 5 Live! stream! FULL STORY
  4. Fixed! Replaced it with a permanent code.
  5. If you have Malwarebytes, turn off the ransomware scanning. It may be your security software even if you don't have Malwarebytes, so try whitelisting/temporarily disabling it to see if that narrows things down. Whoops, just saw someone else already suggested Malwarebytes. If you keep having issues, send your client log into and we can take a look and see if there are any clues there.
  6. Welcome 5.7 to LIVE!

    LIVE is officially open for business! Known Issues Patch Notes Bug Reports As always, if you run into any issues, please email
  7. My I direct your attention here!
  8. Welcome 5.7 to LIVE!

    The patch is available on the LIVE environment, but it's still in maintenance mode. So you can patch, but you won't be able to log in just yet.
  9. Good morning! The LIVE environment is currently in maintenance mode while we publish the 5.7 build. After the patch is available, we'll keep it in maintenance mode briefly so the team can hop in and make sure everything looks okay. Expect an update here when it's open to the general population. Unfortunately, updates from the previous build necessitated a full wipe, so skills, Spirit Banks, Purchases, Eternal Kingdoms, etc will all be reset. Skill training on LIVE will also drop down from x10 speed to x3 speed as we start to angle more towards actual gameplay timelines. If you haven't checked out 5.7 yet, here's the overview video!
  10. Meet the Clusterizer! FULL STORY
  11. The state of the game

    I picked all the flowers to make my flower crowns. Sorry, not sorry.
  12. Launcher Issue

    This is typically due to an out-of-date graphics driver. If you're having any issues, please feel free to email and we can help you out!
  13. ACE Q&A for August - Official Discussion Thread

    These videos are always recorded, not livestreamed. The next stream is on the 14th!