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  1. At 6pm CST, we'll be hosting a performance test on the LIVE environment. All Campaigns except Wrath US-East will be down temporarily to funnel people into one server. We want to get as many people in as we can, so please log in if you have the opportunity! If you have alts, toss them in, too.
  2. This was recently. Last week, I believe.
  3. Part one of our world-building strike team's Fly on the Wall videos! FULL STORY
  4. Servers Down?

    Patch is going up. It's currently in maintenance mode.
  5. Murder of Crows AMA

    Okay but the important question here is what are your thoughts on The Adventure Zone??
  6. Curious about our latest update to the skill trees? FULL STORY
  7. Cannot respond to support e-mail

    Sorry about that. I'll ask the Travian web guys to change the response so it's more clear. For us, you should use
  8. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    This is what I get for doing two things at once. Fixed! Thanks for seeing that.
  9. Crowfall Q&A Live! - Official Discussion Thread

    This video is up on YouTube and the news article has been updated!
  10. Join us for April's Q&A Live! and an early look at new features! FULL STORY
  11. New Player (confused)

    I don't see that you sent an email to support. Typically a black screen means your graphics driver is out of date, and you should update it. If you have any problems, email and I can get you set up.
  12. We put it into maintenance mode while we check the servers out. It should be open now!
  13. Ready for an in-depth look at how you can start testing the vassal system? FULL STORY
  14. EU Server Issues