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  1. Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.2 The Fortunes of War To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 LIVE Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 LIVE Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues 8/1/19 Campaigns: Fixed a bug where the siege schedule UI would show "Nothing Active" and "Nothing Upcoming" on the first update even if there were scheduled sieges. General Bug Fixes: More optimization adjustments for AI behavior. Backend server and ops adjustments. Fixed an issue that would cause large numbers of requests to timeout, causing the character list to appear empty. ---------------------------------------------- 7/31/19 EKs: Fixed a replication issue that was causing placed buildings in EKs to not recognize their owner when the EK restarted. Maps: Fixed an issue where the map data would not show siege information on the hover tool tip for keeps and forts. FX and SFX: Druid Death tray ultimate should now show the proper FX. Knight Shield Slam should now show the proper FX. Players should no longer lose FX as they play. Sound: Fixed the issue where Assassin Backstab power was always triggering P1 hit sound, causing nearby players to play combat music for no reason. Wicked Winds should now have hit SFX. Class Powers: Duelist: Duelist ultimate power should now do damage correctly. General Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where an item could get stuck in overflow. Fixed doobers going through static environment objects. NPCs should now feel “push” effects. Updated Soothing Wings tooltip. Removed ability for players to bypass restrictions on capstone passives. Unique equipment tooltips were modified. Fort tooltips should now display the correct time until the next siege.
  2. The LIVE Campaigns are back up and available. We're keeping an eye on any latency issues with loading characters and worlds. Please let us know through support@crowfall.com if you run into any problems. Thank you all for your patience yesterday!
  3. The Campaigns on LIVE will remain down overnight while we continue to troubleshoot the issues. God's Reach and Eternal Kingdoms are still available. We'll give y'all an update tomorrow.
  4. Current update: the Campaigns on LIVE are currently offline. The God's Reach should be up and available to everyone. We're going to try to reproduce and unravel the issue with the Campaigns on the TEST environment, and we'll bring them back up on LIVE as soon as we can. Sorry for the issues, folks! We're hammering away on it as quickly as we can so you guys can get back to stabbing each other. ❤️
  5. Please check your email. We replied to your support request.
  6. The Fortunes of War are ready for reaping in Crowfall! FULL STORY
  7. Please send us an email at support@crowfall.com. We can get some files from you and help troubleshoot!
  8. Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0 If you die in the New Player area and use "G to Return to Temple" Recall it takes you directly to the Temple Several abilities have effects that either fail to render, appear multiple times, or persist after use. Several abilities have repeated or missing flytext There is a noticeable hitch when jumping Unable to Harvest some Knotwood Trees near the temple **IMPORTANT!!!** If your login fails, please login to Crowfall.com to accept new agreements. ... Wenn Ihre Anmeldung fehlschlägt, gehen Sie zu Crowfall.com, um neue Vereinbarungen zu akzeptieren. … Si su inicio de sesión falla, visite Crowfall.com para aceptar nuevos acuerdos de servicio. … Se o seu login falhar, visite Crowfall.com para aceitar novos contratos. … Si votre connexion échoue, rendez-vous sur Crowfall.com pour accepter les nouveaux accords. Show Stoppers : After logging in, zoning, or dying, some parcels may appear to lose their ground texture and look invisible. Upon logging in to a campaign, you may see the HUD on top of a blank, black screen. If this happens, try restarting your client or logging in to a different campaign, then back to your desired campaign. If this doesn't work then try zoning (using recall) or using a different vessel. General : Surging Spirit discipline has been removed. When you attack a target and they get a debuff, all nearby enemies will appear to permanently have that debuff as well. This is a visual issue, only the target(s) you actually hit will have the debuff. Logging out and back in should fix the issue, but this may happen every time you attack with a debuff power. There is no messaging on disciplines to let you know when you cannot equip them (note: you are now only able to equip disciplines that are equal to or greater than your vessel quality - i.e. a rare vessel cannot equip a common discipline). Harvesting weak point on various skinning creatures may appear off. Harvesting may feel inconsistent, we are investigating this. Resources near a Hunger Crystal may not message the "Frozen" message when attempting to harvest them. Guard AI may not animate properly. F to interact may get stuck on the screen when 2 players attempt to interact with a siege weapon at the same time. Hovering over another object like a tree or plant will fix this bug. Some F to Interact prompts may appear to be unresponsive unless you are right next to / on top of the interaction object. NPCs may blink and stutter after being attacked Members of your faction, while stealthed, may not appear to have the purple stealth shader (this is only visible to members of the same faction). If your guild crest appears incorrectly in-game, please reach out to support. Players with Windows Region settings set to Turkey may encounter file issues (assets not loading properly so that they cannot log in properly) - changing your Windows region to United States should resolve this until we finish implementing a permanent solution. If you place a siege weapon the max distance away from yourself, it may appear to be invisible until you exit placement mode - the item will be placed properly though, you just will not be able to see it. Occasionally the avatar preview will be pixelated. Opening your map right after resurrecting your vessel may cause the crow vision grayscale to occur after you rez. Logging out and back in will fix this. Interrupting a power (using dodge, block, or otherwise) may not cancel out its FX. Resource doobers may fall through/inside other objects, making them difficult to pick up. Ranger secondary weapon may unequip after death. Ballista crushing bolt (the first, default power) projectile may not appear if you are aiming very directly at a target (this may or may not do damage depending on exactly where you are aiming). The Risen Frozen Breath power ground fx appear to never fade - logging out and back in should fix this. Your temple runegates will all be oriented incorrectly so that they are facing to the side - however, they are all still functional. Animal NPCs may appear in incorrect places - like inside forts. NPC corpses may suddenly appear then immediately disappear in random locations. Campaign : Players may randomly fall through the world in specific locations. If this happens to you please report the issue with your zone and coordinates. Running around at the bottom of the cliff edges may cause your client to crash. Try to avoid going down to the bottom of the world by the cliff edges. There are a few areas in the game that players can get stuck between rocks. If this happens to you please note the location in the playtest forum and use recall to unstick yourself. Scoreboard: Guild Score not updating properly when joining or leaving a guild while in game (closing client and reopening it will fix these behaviors). Siege weapons may get a steep error message one placement, even on correct terrain. Placing a siege weapon over a non-basic resource may result in you being unable to exit the siege weapon, as the resource may not despawn "A wall has been destroyed" toast message is missing after destroying the keep wall. If your faction captured asset is contested and brought back to a neutral state, but you then re-capture it, the toast message will imply that you received the capture bonus, but you are not supposed to and it will not be reflected in your score. Some parcel boundaries maybe have invisible edges that you cannot get over. Please report this if you see it. Crafting: Moving items from the spirit bank straight to the crafting menu will cause a visual bug to appear. These items are visually in your crafting session, but you cannot actually craft with these items. Some crafting items may be missing their icons. The Campaign has Ended banner Superlatives Achievers will show your guild name rather than their own. Eternal Kingdom : If your EK crashes, please contact support. Using a parcel with buildings attached to it to craft a new parcel will cause those buildings to be lost. Some EK buildings are missing socket attachments. Sometimes rearranging your EK will fail. Please try again and it should resolve itself. If an EK is full, the Enter EK button may not appear for you, making you unable to enter the queue for that EK. Sometimes players will be randomly kicked to the lobby from their EK. Your sacrifice brazier in your EK may appear under the dragon statue golden platform. User Interface : Leaving character customization without any characters created will cause UI elements to stick to your screen. Log out and back in to fix this error. Your combat pip widget may disappear if you log out and back in to a campaign - close and reopen your client to correct this. Opening and closing your inventory while inside of a siege weapon may cause the F to Interact prompt to appear. The Campaign Scoreboard (viewed through the game map) may not appear when the game is set to windowed mode as opposed to fullscreen. Stat benefits on harvesting tools (visible through item comparison tooltips) will appear incorrectly - their negative (-) positive (+) indicator and green/red coloring will be inverted. If you open your map immediately after activating building placement mode, then your UI will break. Log out and back in to fix this. Chat : Logging out of a campaign with a group created will cause the chat tab not to disappear. Fully relogging out of the game will fix this issue and prevent too many tabs from being open at the same time. Powers : Many powers are missing their fx, sfx, and flytext. We are currently working on improving and updating many of the class powers. Please report the issues, but know we are working diligently on getting them working properly. If two DoT powers are cast on the same enemy player, the second person to cast the DoT may not see the flytext from their power. Some HoT and some DoT may not be working properly. Please report this in the playtest forum. Second Wind may not show flytext. Some powers are missing their buff icons, or the buff indicator altogether. The Group Leader Inspired Bonus Lifesteal skill in the Command skill tree does not improve your bonus lifesteal stats correctly. Powers used immediately after a retaliate may do no damage. Retaliate prompt may disappear if you are spamming other abilities when it comes up. Some Confessor powers may appear to have distance discrepancies Knight Fallback barrier ability may not stack properly - use Noble blood first and follow it up with the Fallback talent in order to stack the barrier properly. Druid Will O' Wisp power is not traveling correctly so it will not heal the caster unless there is a friendly target in caster's affect radius. The Guinecean Impale power will appear to hit enemies twice, but will only actually do the damage from one hit. If a Myrmidon uses Colossus Smash within 10 meters of their target, they will clip through the target doing no damage. Champion Mighty Warrior barrier percentage will be based on your current remaining health instead of your Maximum health.
  9. 5.92.1 Patch Notes and Known Issues Please share any bugs you noticed while playing the game, these are objective issues with gameplay. Overall feedback or opinions on systems should be directed to The Feedback Thread. If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs, or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. *Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall
  10. 5.100 Patch Notes and Known Issues Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to The Bug Thread. If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. *Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall
  11. 7/3/19 TEST Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0 To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19 To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/3/19 For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.100 Known Issues New Items for 5.100.00 Randomized equipment and gear have been added to war tribe loot tables. Players can now sell items to vendors. More props and flow adjustments have been added to the temples. God’s Reach: A new God’s Reach campaign map has been added with the following new items: This campaign no longer requires faction selection prior to entering. Specific areas now have mobs of specific ranks. Players no longer drop inventory items on death. Added more spiders to the starting area of God’s Reach. NPCs and Vendors: Boss mobs should no longer spawn in monster areas lower than rank 5. Updated Embarri to use military camps, instead of just roads. Updated system vendor shop names in the temple, and added in new vendors for novice weapons and mounts. Sound and Visual FX: New versions of outpost announcement messages. New sound for death announcement message. Enbarri power sounds clean up. Reimplementing sound for Half Giant Blood of the Giant. New combat music tracks added. Sound pass on powers of Knife Grinder discipline. Sound pass on powers of Poisoner discipline. Harvesting: Swapped Energetic Harvests 3rd and 5th Pip powers. Added comments on Reaping and Breaking harvesting powers being added to Pip 1 power. Crafting: Mushrooms can now be used as “seasoning”. Combining discipline recipes now have their own menu and can be accessed through the personal crafting menu (J). Updating recipes for war tribe combines to now require 3 instead of 10 with an additional 3 optional slots. Crafting panel should no longer resize the reagent icons, so they'll all fit into the 1x1 slots properly. Common and up quality experimentations all now have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line. General Powers: Fixed a data issue with the bandage 3 and 4 powers. Monkey rolls and other interrupts will now correctly apply the Recently Bandaged debuff. Class Powers Confessor: Meteor Purge's blackmantle effect should no longer fail to apply when used over 6m away from target. Druid: Fixed druid healing orb reticle. Kinetic Boost now effects Power Efficiency by 20%. Race Powers: Elken: Headbutt shouldn't throw those who are blocking into the air anymore. Disciplines and Discipline Powers: White quality disciplines can now be combined into higher quality disciplines. All Major Disciplines are available from the Vendor. All Minor Disciplines are available from the Vendor. Some Exploration Disciplines are available from the Vendor. Combine Discipline recipe now requires 5 of a kind for upgrading discipline qualities. Adjusted price of Disciplines. Deprecated the following Minor Disciplines - Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement, Hand of Glory. (These disciplines were granting unique race relating benefits that not only watered down race diversity, but also felt extraordinarily powerful for a minor discipline). Long Live the Fighter can no longer be loaded out into the survival tray.
  12. For patch notes, keep an eye out in the Testing & Feedback section.
  13. Log into the website to accept new agreements. If you keep having issues, email support@crowfall.com and we can get you squared away!
  14. TenTonHammer and MMORPG.com both published great articles detailing Crowfall! FULL STORY
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