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  1. They're correct! When we transition into our closed Beta, we'll start inviting people based on their Beta Group. Everyone who is currently involved in testing right now has purchased a Starter Pack from the store.
  2. This is a known bug, sorry! We're working on getting it fixed ASAP.
  3. Wake up to a new Crowfall patch! FULL STORY
  4. If you're still having troubles, send us an email with a screenshot of the error: support@crowfall.com
  5. The pantheon got a little switcheroo to better fit the direction of the lore and the game. Valkyn is now included in the Sun realm (he was floating off by himself before), Zaleena is in Earth, and Illara is in Moon. Hero is not included in the pantheon proper, but retains his title of First Crow.
  6. Hi, hello, friendly neighborhood CS manager here. 👋 First, it's our policy not to discuss disciplinary actions or warnings with anyone except the individual in question, so I won't comment on the specifics of any suspensions/bans/warnings/such and so on. I can talk about the Rules of Conduct and Terms and Conditions in general, though! We take the use of slurs very seriously. We don't like them and we won't tolerate them. There are plenty of nice, snappy curses that are wholly permitted in-game. Pick a different word. We investigate infractions against the RoC and T&C after a report. I don't sit around and read chat all day hoping to snap someone up for a violation. That said, your guild chats, group chats, private messages, etc in game are all using our chat service. They're all bound by our RoC and T&C, no matter how private you feel they are. A real-world threat sent through DM is treated the same as one posted in public chat. Your best bet, if you're using Crowfall's chat, is to simply not break the rules. They're very lax in game. If you're not sure if a word you're about to use is a slur, pick a different one. The world is full of them, and a lot of them are pretty great.
  7. Whoops, looks like I set the permissions incorrectly! You should be able to do it now.
  8. The goal, I believe, is for an error to kick you back to the lobby so you can try to log in again. That's part of what needs to be fixed. Having to ALT+F4 and then reload everything definitely sucks. We don't have a way (that I'm aware of) to pull client logs without contacting the customer at all, but we do have some front-end quality-of-life work to do when it comes to messaging errors to the players and asking them for more information.
  9. If you do get the time and energy, please do send us a support email with your client log. This is an issue we're looking into and the more client logs we have on it, the better!
  10. Illara is Moon. Zaleena is Earth. We had to do some shuffling to accommodate the god order. There will likely be some adjustments to their lore and personalities, as well (Zaleena is still solidly Zaleena, no worries there), so those bios will need to be updated anyhow. I'll go make sure Illara's is correct, though! Thanks for pointing it out.
  11. You'll definitely get in earlier than the folks who signed up today! New registrations are up to Beta Group 12, and we'll be inviting folks in waves based on their group.
  12. Currently, testing is available to Pre-Alpha Group 1 through Beta Group 3. Beta Group 8 will be invited when we start our closed beta (soon!). Groups will be added to the test in the order in which they registered. You can opt into messaging through your profile to receive news when we go into Beta testing.
  13. Like starrshipcs mentioned, please send us a support email. We can get everything ironed out for you.
  14. How has no one posted Fae Todd Coleman yet? C'mon, y'all, get it together!
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