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  1. You'll definitely get in earlier than the folks who signed up today! New registrations are up to Beta Group 12, and we'll be inviting folks in waves based on their group.
  2. Currently, testing is available to Pre-Alpha Group 1 through Beta Group 3. Beta Group 8 will be invited when we start our closed beta (soon!). Groups will be added to the test in the order in which they registered. You can opt into messaging through your profile to receive news when we go into Beta testing.
  3. Like starrshipcs mentioned, please send us a support email. We can get everything ironed out for you.
  4. I'm just out here trying to save your warning points. Discussion of politics is against the Rules of Conduct: You agree that your use of the Service shall be lawful and that you will comply with Art+Craft's usage rules. In accordance with the above, as an example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use the Service in order to: Use the service to discuss anything about real-world politics or religion as these topics are inherently divisive and not part of the game experience. This includes the prohibition of names—forum handles, character names, guild names—that are references to real-world political or religious groups or figures. Crowfall sieges, though, have at it. Discuss away. 👌
  5. How has no one posted Fae Todd Coleman yet? C'mon, y'all, get it together!
  6. Bring it back around to the original topic, y'all.
  7. I say this with the caveat that y'all have overwhelmingly been a phenomenal group to provide support for and I'm insanely excited for when beta rolls around.
  8. I'm surprised y'all passed up on the 2edgy4u skull!
  9. Our system requirements are Minimum System Requirements Dual CPU, Intel I-5 3.0 GHz or better processor 8 GB of system RAM 64 bit Microsoft Windows OS, 7.0 or higher 2 GB of dedicated VRAM, in a 3D card that is compatible with Shader 5.0 GForce 660 series or better, AMD Radeon HD 6970 or better DirectX 11 6GB of disk space Recommended System Requirements Dual CPU, Intel I-5 3.5 GHz or better processor 16 GB of system RAM 64 bit Microsoft Windows 10 4 GB+ of dedicated VRAM, in a 3D card that is compatible with Shader 5.0 GForce 1060 series or better, AMD Radeon RX 560 or better DirectX 12 6GB of disk space Installed on an SSD disk
  10. To piggyback off what Kraahk posted (thanks, buddy! 👍) : 1. We have some ideas for what VIP will consist of, but it doesn't affect your passive skill training anymore. There haven't been any announcements on how VIP will adjust, but we want to stay as far from anything considered pay-to-win as we can. 2. Kraahk posted some good numbers, but I wanted to reiterate that leveling up isn't solely done through sacrifice. You can also fight NPCs in the world to earn experience, but be aware that the NPCs that count will depend on your vessel's quality and level (just like item sacrifice). 3. There were some recent sanctioned Campaigns that gave prizes (the Trials of the Gods). Currently, though, Campaigns are for bragging rights. In the future there will be a variety of prizes available depending on the Campaign. 4. Kraahk got this one. 5. Yes, you can have multiple vessels and swap between them whenever you like. They can be in different worlds, have different levels, be different Race/Class combinations, etc. You can also delete vessels by clicking the little red trash can icon in your vessel list, but be aware we can't restore them if you do that. 6. We have a How to Play page for the basics, and the FAQs get more in-depth in separate systems.
  11. This was designed this way intentionally to create a pause between being in combat and in stealth. This is to keep people from popping too quickly between stealth and combat (which is just a less-fun Whack-A-Mole). It gives the stealther's opponent a chance to catch them.
  12. J'ai répondu à votre email d'assistance. Mais si vous utilisez un mot de passe avec des caractères spéciaux, cela vous empêchera peut-être de vous connecter. Essayez-le avec un mot de passe plus simple pour voir si c'est le problème. C'est un bug connu que nous travaillons à corriger. (Désolé pour mon français. J'utilise Google Translate.)
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