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  1. ArtCraft Entertainment is excited to announce that Diane Migliaccio has joined the team as the Community Manager, beginning today. FULL STORY
  2. Interesting suggestion! I know there are some web updates in the works (but let's be real, when aren't there). I'm not sure if this included or not but I can pass the word along to the web team.
  3. Usually missing particles and the like are a result of an out-of-date or corrupted Visual C++ Library. We have a download for it at the bottom of the client download page. I hope that helps! If you keep having issues, please send us an email at support@crowfall.com and we can troubleshoot with you.
  4. EKs can currently only be woken up by the Kindgom owner. Leaving them up and running all the time eats up a lot of server space which ends up costing a lot of money.
  5. We've invited Beta Group 4 and 5 so far (alongside the previous groups who have access through their backer pack). We'll send an email to your group when you've been invited in. Beta Group 6 was a really big cohort, so we had to break it up, but you're in 6.1, so you should get your invite soon!
  6. We don't have beta keys available yet. We have plenty of beta invitations to send out right now (I think we're up above 360,000 accounts now?) and registrations are still open which means folks are still able to get (later) access to the beta if they register.
  7. They're correct! When we transition into our closed Beta, we'll start inviting people based on their Beta Group. Everyone who is currently involved in testing right now has purchased a Starter Pack from the store.
  8. This is a known bug, sorry! We're working on getting it fixed ASAP.
  9. If you're still having troubles, send us an email with a screenshot of the error: support@crowfall.com
  10. The pantheon got a little switcheroo to better fit the direction of the lore and the game. Valkyn is now included in the Sun realm (he was floating off by himself before), Zaleena is in Earth, and Illara is in Moon. Hero is not included in the pantheon proper, but retains his title of First Crow.
  11. Whoops, looks like I set the permissions incorrectly! You should be able to do it now.
  12. You'll definitely get in earlier than the folks who signed up today! New registrations are up to Beta Group 12, and we'll be inviting folks in waves based on their group.
  13. Currently, testing is available to Pre-Alpha Group 1 through Beta Group 3. Beta Group 8 will be invited when we start our closed beta (soon!). Groups will be added to the test in the order in which they registered. You can opt into messaging through your profile to receive news when we go into Beta testing.
  14. Like starrshipcs mentioned, please send us a support email. We can get everything ironed out for you.
  15. How has no one posted Fae Todd Coleman yet? C'mon, y'all, get it together!
  16. I say this with the caveat that y'all have overwhelmingly been a phenomenal group to provide support for and I'm insanely excited for when beta rolls around.
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