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  1. Yaga would be amazing, she is a lot more distinctive though so it will be harder to find a base figure to match. I'll see what i find though!
  2. Normal retail price of the figure is about 35, but it goes out of stock fast.
  3. I couldn't really find any detailed full body pics to go off, ninja outfit was the closest I could find.
  4. haha, the costume actually is a ninja outfit. From here: https://www.cjesim.com/
  5. Yeah, the base figure is the incredibly posable body kun from bandai: https://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Figurine-S-H-Figuarts-Version-4549660040880/dp/B0177DRVT0
  6. Hi, any word on how the hell i can turn my hundreds of wallet dollars back into vip tickets?
  7. I really want to know if i should be putting my wallet money back into vip tickets.
  8. I turned most of my VIP tickets into store money, will that turn into crowns now and will i be able to buy the same amount of vip tickets i had before with those?
  9. Minos getting a huge dex boost and no str just seems so weird to me.
  10. No matter what system you use "older players have an advantage" is going to be part of it, unless you have absolutely no progression at all.
  11. Dad is Maori and mom was Latina, so not even close lol.
  12. When Fear started they pitched it as showing how it all began, and i was looking forward to seeing the actual collapse of civilization on screen. Then they completely skipped that part and it turned into a poorly made socksty spinoff with characters nobody cares about. The second a character starts doing stupid poorly made socks that puts everyone in danger because "I'm a mother so custard you" I start rooting against them.
  13. The ending was a bit disappointing, but it was fun getting there.
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