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  1. Crafting Prototype Project

    *** CrowCraft v1.1 UPDATE *** -- Lots of new recipes (thanks to mesavitae). -- Component icons now display a quantity in the upper right-hand corner. -- Fixed a bug with final totals not being displayed correctly. As always, feedback is welcomed.
  2. Crafting Prototype Project

    Thanks for the feedback CytheS. The sliding sidebars were originally implemented in an attempt to accommodate as many display resolutions as possible; that being said, we will definitely explore other display options. Regarding your second point, are you referring to the redirect once a component is crafted? There is a hierarchy displayed at the top of the screen (next to the CrowCraft logo), but there is probably a way to make the movement through the recipe hierarchy more apparent. We are absolutely open to specific design suggestions.
  3. Crafting Prototype Project

    Sounds good. If you're interested in collaborating, let me know.
  4. Crafting Prototype Project

    mesavitae, I started on a similar project this weekend, although yours is much more user-friendly. I did notice you are hard-coding all the items; I have a rudimentary input system set up to read from and write to an XML(ish) style file if you'd like to try and incorporate that into your project. The idea was to have the community add and update items, rather than one person doing it all. The project is hosted at if you'd like to take a look. Apologies for the messy code; I kinda threw it together as a proof-of-concept over a day or two. I have not implemented adding the final stat values up yet. The database recursively iterates a linked-list, so all it needs is to shuttle an array through the recursive calls. I can throw that in if you're interested in using the code; otherwise, I probably won't work on it anymore.
  5. Died from fall damage on Scorn. Crow respawned beneath terrain; multiple re-logs did not fix. Unable to move. See image below.
  6. Deleted