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  1. What the custard did you just custard say about me, you little gripe? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Triage thread, and I’ve been involved in numerous combat triage operations on tranquility, and I have over 300 FAX related fits and posts.
  2. If my mom is asian, and my dad is not, i am 50% asian. If my grandmom is asian, my grand dad is not, and my other side is both not, i am 25% asian. if my grandmom's mom is asian, her husband is not, and my grand dad's grand parents is... jk that is way too much effort how long till i am 1% of 1%?
  3. We were like top .5% for the guild tho, later I was actually .01%
  4. OH oh oh I was unironically 1% of 1% in black desert online, does this count for an achievement?
  5. How about the time when doom dropped on a neutral rorq that just happened to be in the same belt as blues?
  6. To be fair, AVERY LEWIS created more ustz content than doom has recently
  7. This is where I started typing out a list of doom's accomplishments, hitting the character limit for the post, then backspacing it all because his ego is big enough already.
  8. I feel strongly offended because that meme is my baby
  9. I dont think I said disgruntled, it doesn't appear in my vocabulary, so i'm kinda disgruntled about that
  10. Are there guild limit sizes? I'm gonna be so disgruntled if there are guild limit sizes. @Doomchinchillai hope ur ready to train corporation management skills to like level 1 so we can fit all 4.1899 players in the guild
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