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  1. Why did you reveal your secret?? Also 10/10
  2. Because of all the talk, we're pushing next week. Bless numbers incoming. Get ready.
  3. Because it's a boring, broken game right now. lol Same thing every night.. 8:30 central siege, after that, farm resources or souls. Was more fun without the scheduled content.
  4. Like Soulreaver said, THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Literally 1 day after @jtoddcoleman apologized for the lack of communication and said "we have things in to do this better in the future" (or something along those lines)... they pull this stunt. From Gordon's explanation of it in game, right when the servers came up, they did it for 2 reasons: 1. Because people were complaining about vendors - Who was complaining? The only people I've seen complain about vendors are people who are 1. Unguilded. 2. Noobs. 3. Don't know how to play in the End Game. 2. Because ACE wants to get a TEST out to test starting a fresh campaign for any beginning-game issues - This is a valid excuse.. but it should have been communicated. We are paying ACE to internally QA test their game. Communication needs to get better.
  5. Cannot match my correct post + flame with the same, so he just flames. GG.
  6. Also, Blair said yesterday that he wants TEST to test end game, not the "major loop of the game". You clearly are uninformed.
  7. Which article are you referring to? I'm talking about the LIVE STREAM THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY.
  8. I'm sure they will keep vendors, but the problem is that they want a LOT of people to play TEST. If they keep wiping.. guess what will happen.....
  9. Can we get more info on why TEST is being wiped? It was announced that this campaign would be kept open for the full duration, which is 30 days. Under the assumption that ACE was going to keep their word, I just crafted pretty much all day for myself and others. I usually wouldn't mind if we got more info like, "There is a duping bug" or something like that.. but literally no information. Please advise.
  10. 5.8 coming to LIVE soon - come hang out with us.
  11. I disagree this topic completely. Please don't "Darkfall: Unholy Wars" this game and make all races the same darn thing. People pick one race over another for it's strengths (and sometimes looks).
  12. Right off the bat, Slide #3 has an extremely old video on it. The game has changed incredibly in the last 3 years.. it would be a crime to post that video. The following video was very nice and got a lot of people up to speed, but I don't know if it would fit in that context. I will look at the other slides after work and update.
  13. Oh my lord... Scorn please make more videos like that. I completely forgot about Guinecean Thunder. @Pann My favorite has always been A Night of Loss and Fortal Kombat. Both are PvP videos of course, but A Night of Loss is very RP influenced and Fortal Kombat is.. kinda RP? I think it could slide.
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