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  1. Ice Quiver: Does not DoT or Snares. Nothing gets applied Fire Quiver: Gets turned into a Piercing quiver on combine. Does no DoT or anything when shot with an Arcane bow.
  2. I just heard about this thread, but it looks like it was requested on a Crowfall Stream and Venark started it as a joke.
  3. Hey guys, I crafted something! Roll with UDL if you want to win fights. We don't crutch on gear that was farmed while hiding for 2 weeks on another server!
  4. Guards in Keeps?

    What do you mean? As a duelist, you can burrow under the wall/gate and get inside without getting hit by a guard at all. Zero noise because enemies cannot hear your teleport while burrowed and cannot hear you while you're burrowed.. however friendlies can.
  5. Guards in Keeps?

    I always refer back to Darkfall, because this game loves taking ideas from it. In Darkfall, if you entered a city/town.. the people who own it get Notifications, (Someone has Entered ____ City). Also, during that time, there is a loud Lightning Tower thing that shot at them constantly, so you knew where they were.
  6. Guards in Keeps?

    I love the idea of people going into a fort/keep and doing this stealthily. However, the fact is that keeps are less protected than forts.
  7. Guards in Keeps?

    I'm not sure what you mean by Texture jumps and texture hits. Maybe you guys have a different language or know more about the backend than I do. However, wood elves, duelists, assassins, confessors can blink through walls/gates. I don't care about that, but why have crafting stations in the worst guarded area in the keep? Makes no sense. I like Anhrez's idea of being able to buy guards to slot them places.
  8. Guards in Keeps?

    I do not understand your question. Is it directed at me? The reason I want this is safety. Why should crafters be in a keep without guards rather than a fort with guards? No point.
  9. Guards in Keeps?

    Please put guards in keeps. The current meta is cancer with duelists/assassins/wood elves inside of Ganelon, Archenstone, and Navarre. You just sit in the keep until someone comes and attack them. Please put guards in the keeps. Why are keeps less secure than forts?
  10. The main server is going down pretty often. You can play on another server or check back on Monday or Tuesday.
  11. Keep testing, young Padawan. Through testing, you shall find enlightenment.
  12. Recall to fix stuck players

    That's a very interesting idea.
  13. Recall to fix stuck players

    The only problem with this is that they would have to do it right. There are many games in which people abuse the /unstick feature to get through walls/obstacles.
  14. Recall to fix stuck players

    @thomasblair Just in case you may have missed this thread!