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  1. IIRC Star Wars Galaxies was messing around with that just before it shutdown.
  2. Screen gone red?

    @Flashman That's a bug right now. We're not supposed to be able to blow up the Beach heads, but we could
  3. Screen gone red?

    Red screen may be a newish issue, but for the blobs, turn off Anti Aliasing and Bloom in your Graphics Settings. You also may need to relog to get rid of the current bugs.
  4. The Druid's Will o' Wisps heal does not heal yourself anymore.
  5. Forum Basics

    With the new VIP skill training, you can train 2 skills at once. I recommend starting with Combat Basics and Forum Basics.
  6. God I hope @PanzerUDL never posts a video with our comms. It will be filled with "get on this target bois" "good stuff bois" "get the f*** on this target bois" "hard cc bois". I'll accept maybe a montage of our screeching when we do something cool or get really excited, but you know..
  7. Hold F to Harvest

    Topic with the most threads lol. All they have to do is add a toggle feature in options. This is one of the most macro'd features in Crowfall, this is auto run.
  8. CC Problem

    @blazzen We all know Blazzen likes to talk. I really like all of the ideas. Other examples from games that I have played and the devs have worked on is SWG. There was not much CC in that game (idk about pre nge, sorry I'm a NGE guy). Smugglers had the pistol whip, which was literally the only reason to play Smuggler. Pistol Whip into the big buffs/dmg combo. The only other CC in that game was really slows. If you give everyone CC, especially AOE CC, then it creates a problem. Examples of possible fixes: Confessor: Obvious one. Does a fire mage really CC? Are they supposed to be the more damage'y version of the Frostweaver, who sounds like should do more CC? Frostweaver: Please just do slows. Maybe let this class be the one or 2 classes that gets a hard stun? Frozen in ice? Slowed by blizzard? Ranger: AOE Suppress is OP, but needed? Shoot an arrow with "spirit dust" to blind people instead? Druid: I personally think the root fits the druid perfectly. However, I don't know if AOE root is needed here. It's definitely a play maker, but I think a single target root would be more balanced. Myrm: That cooldown on the net tho.... Templar: I think Templars have a good niche for knockdowns and stuff, but having a 2-2-2 combo that is on a low cooldown + parry knockdown is a bit much. Take knockdown off parry? Champion: I'm really not familiar with. Knight: I'm really not familiar with. Overall, I think less hard cc, maybe a slow or debuff in it's place?
  9. CC Problem

    @durenthal @Tinnis @Yumx Tinnis: do you think they should shift AoE CC into C style powers with soul power, hatred, zealotry, style charge up to prevent 'front loading' and ease of spamming them? or wrong direction given how that went before... Crowd control discussion continued from Bug report/Feedback. I personally think CC should be less common. I've talked with a lot of people on comms and this seems to be the general consensus. Thoughts?
  10. I agree, different comps can counter confessor comps. Confessors are very good... when played right, but they aren't unbeatable. I really don't think this is a problem. What I would like to see is all hard CC taken out of the game period OR only 1 cc per class with a long cooldown. DF? Also... I'm considered a random ranger?? I thought I was more special than that.
  11. @Tyrant OK, I tested it more. When you swap from Life to Death tray, all aimed/targeted heals stop working. Rescue, Soothing Winds, and Rehabilitation. I'm sure a few more, those are the ones I tested with. You shouldn't need a video for this, but I have my testing recorded. You have to go back to the lobby, then join the campaign again for it to start working again... but after you swap to death tray, it stops.
  12. There is currently a very common bug for staff druid that makes aimed heals like, soothing winds, rescue, and rehabilitation not work. You can cast it, but even if you both are standing still, it does not apply the effect to the person in your group or faction. After relogging, it works fine. I noticed it during group fights last night and tested it quite a bit in between fights and after all the fights were done. The other staff druid with me was having the same issue. If you need video of this, I'm sure I can test/record. Didn't know if this was a new issue.
  13. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Fun stuff, I'm glad we could contribute
  14. When Champions sprint and attack at the end of the Sprint, they are rooted in place for a good .25 second. There is no debuff that appears, you're just stuck in place. I could see this being intentional, but I don't believe it is.