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  1. You aren't implementing enough Blair Math into the equation. Try to grasp your head around it, then make it 3 times more complicated. No but for real, ACE please fix day/night cycles. For new players who we get in our comms... their first question is usually: "So why is it Day time, but the dial says it's supposed to be Night" or vis versa.
  2. Chaos at the Gates

    That was definitely an interesting fight. Intermediate armor vs high Rank/Tier guards would be something ACE really needs to think about. Not to say Chaos REALLY had their flaws during that fight. GF My suggestion from last Saturday.
  3. The state of the game

    Wowwwww, I'm getting abused by the devs. This is 2018, I'm feeling oppressed. Help I'm kidding, but I want my flowers back dangit.
  4. The state of the game

    Where? Why are you lying to me Pann? Are you not taking this game-breaking issue seriously?
  5. What have you done? You've given them a purpose. Now we're all doomed.
  6. Please, don't feed the trolls by allowing the influx of cat-themed guilds to have a God. Please. It's a Frostweaver dangit. We the people deserve Frostweaver for 5.8.
  7. Is that Frostweaver art I spot? Frostweaver confirmed for 5.8?
  8. The Rush

    I wish I could say that mass recall to throw you guys off was a clever tactic, but it was the result of some iffy intel lol. You should have seen the beautiful bait I did on @Destrin and a few of his pugs the other day.
  9. Suggestion for the new tower/camp systems

    I think your sketch is a little rough for the hardcore pvp community. Maybe if that's a very basic sketch of 2 beach heads and a fort in the middle. I don't like the idea of not being able to capture THAT many forts. Maybe 1 or 2 (depending on the size) close to the beach head, but your sketch/idea would really limit player freedom, politics, and would create nearly a safe zone for care bears - something that many of us already hate in the beach head.
  10. 5.7 EU Server?

    You guys don't need a server anyway. CAL has been having fun playing with us... right?
  11. R9 guards are a little rough right at the beginning. What about having guards increase ranks based on the season? A rank 3 guard could be "green" or "shiny" in Spring. By the time Winter comes around, they are battle hardened Bad Azzes. Having something like this would go well with skill/armor/weapon progression as well.
  12. Ranger throwing bomb is messed up. Just use it to see the issue.
  13. After taking a fully built fort, the people who took it cannot use any ladders/gates. We're stuck out of our new fort and unable to break our own walls! lol