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  1. 4.) Cooling Ice animation disappears in a few seconds, but effect stays on ground
  2. 1.) Mino charge slows down heavily if you press or hold any buttons..... including the "w" key. 2.) Randomly while charging auto attack for Range, your movement stops or slows to a crawl. Probably same bug as #1
  3. I think this is a serious topic, brought up in not the best way. Tyrannicall's rage aside, I think you need to bring up exactly why people are being banned for in-game bugs. More importantly when they don't realize something is happening. There is a HUGE line between exploiting a bug and not knowing you're doing it.
  4. Mino's Bull Rush is knocking people back in a frontal cone of 14 total meters from the user hit. Not from the starting point. If I hit X with a Bull Rush, Z will be knocked up as well, even if Z is 14 meters behind X
  5. That is a valid concern, however this thread is a perfect example of my question. If Pann would like to move the conversation there, I am more than willing.
  6. You are incorrect sir. He specifically said 9 Bads vs 9 SL. So you're saying he means 9 Bads as in 9 Bads = W? I'm sorry if you think what I'm asking has a double meaning. I'm simply attempting to understand our community guidelines here.
  7. Alternatively if you're saying his post is fine, just as a wild example (and this is in no way true): If I call you, Pann, a bad player in a video... wouldn't that be a "personal attack"? I'm not attempting to do your job for you. I respect your position, however like I said, I'm attempting to understand the scope of what is allowed vs not. This is 2020, personal attacks can mean many different things!
  8. " It is a reference to the character, not the actual person behind the character (e.g. no personal attacks). " So.. this post should be taken down? I'm sorry, I'm having a bit of a hard time interpreting your quotes. If you're quoting yourself to ask me to take down the post, I don't believe I have forum moderator permissions.
  9. So would you say this video is an allowable War Story video? Curious as to our limitations here I would love to upload a video with a toxic title, many toxic callouts, a terribly-put-together meme at the start, etc.. if it's allowed!
  10. I wonder if calling the players "bad" counts as a personal attack hahaha. MrEmad is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Who's going to watch a 25 minute, toxic video? What would your Mom say Emad? She would be disgraced!!!!
  11. Myrmidon's Berserk randomly doesn't work about 10% of the time. I haven't been able to replicate it TOO much, but when I do replicate it.. I die instantly due to me doing Myrm stuff lol. I think I've noticed it when I use a different ability, then Berserk fast afterwards.
  12. Why did you reveal your secret?? Also 10/10
  13. Because of all the talk, we're pushing next week. Bless numbers incoming. Get ready.
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