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  1. Right off the bat, Slide #3 has an extremely old video on it. The game has changed incredibly in the last 3 years.. it would be a crime to post that video. The following video was very nice and got a lot of people up to speed, but I don't know if it would fit in that context. I will look at the other slides after work and update.
  2. Oh my lord... Scorn please make more videos like that. I completely forgot about Guinecean Thunder. @Pann My favorite has always been A Night of Loss and Fortal Kombat. Both are PvP videos of course, but A Night of Loss is very RP influenced and Fortal Kombat is.. kinda RP? I think it could slide.
  3. Time 3:30 may be nice to look forward to.
  4. Don't tell me you were the inventor of LASER DRUID!! Love those Ranger sounds though!
  5. I disagree completely. I think Range attacks need to be reduced. If you start giving every ability in the game +10-20 range, that would HEAVILY change the game.
  6. I don't know how well your suggestions would work in a multi-campaign game like Crowfall. Crowfall will have different campaigns where the devs can control what players have access to (skill wise, armor wise, etc.) in the different worlds.
  7. So you're saying that we're getting Frostweaver news late-September?
  8. if @ACE_FancyHats came to Louisiana or to College Station, I would gift her a flower hat. Alternatively, I could be invited to the ACE headquarters as the Field Commander of UDL.
  9. @Pann Excuse me, please stop derailing my thread. Do you think this is a joke?
  10. You can do this pretty easily on EK servers. Start up an Eternal Kingdom, turn on PvP and invite your friends. But yes, in the future, a Dueling feature in Campaigns would be nice. There will be a campaign that isn't faction based.. it's either free for all or guild based.. which will make duels easier.
  11. He didn't necessarily announce it. He said he WANTED 5.8 to be the first official campaign. Along with being a little buzzed, I'm not sure if that will actually be the reality of it. Of course it would be awesome if ACE finally put in a scoring system and give campaigns a purpose and reward for winning.
  12. Compared to previous patches, this patch is great for fps. Out in the world + fighting seems like average to below average on your rig. I've been told that the lowest preset graphical settings were terribly optimized and people who are favoring performance go with the second lowest. Not in game at the moment, but I have to assume that is "medium". My guild says all the time that they get better FPS on Medium > Lowest.
  13. You stealing my flowers is an insult! I will contact the Guinecean Inner Council and petition to get my flowers back and lock you up in jail! If you think Gaea, the Earth Mother, approves of your actions, you are sadly mistaken.
  14. What FPS are you getting? This is a pre alpha game that is not yet optimized. I built a rig that's much better than yours about 9 months ago and I'm only getting 55-60 fps in the beach head, but about 45-55 out in the world. Sometimes dropping to 35-40fps during loading/spikes. I haven't heard of anyone (other than trolls and people who think msg ping = fps) getting 90+ fps.
  15. @ACE_FancyHats I was running around in the fort of Jingletap for 30 minutes yesterday straight yesterday and it was very unsatisfying. The flowers you stole from me for your hat is ugly and makes you look fat. I need them back.
  16. UDL Rises Again, just like this thread rising to the top after this bump.
  17. Hopefully they didn't go to the same public school as I did or the numbers will be off. Eh who am I kidding, the numbers will be off anyways. You don't count pugs.
  18. That was definitely an interesting fight. Intermediate armor vs high Rank/Tier guards would be something ACE really needs to think about. Not to say Chaos REALLY had their flaws during that fight. GF My suggestion from last Saturday.
  19. Wowwwww, I'm getting abused by the devs. This is 2018, I'm feeling oppressed. Help I'm kidding, but I want my flowers back dangit.
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