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  1. So painful lol. Luckily I wasn't there.
  2. Further off topic.. I've met so many dog owners with the same exact dog as mine lol. It's definitely an ice breaker at dog parks. That's where/how I met my current, long term girlfriend.
  3. Current constructive criticism of my (Ginko's) suggestion in different discord channels: Trolls will spam it because they're trolls - Turn off their perms for it Spamming it with nonsense that takes time away from devs - Add a sentence that says, "THIS IS NOT FOR STUCK PLAYERS"
  4. I agree with this. Disable compass, parcel name, and the location/server/kingdom window. As someone who purposely goes on Twitch nearly every day to stream snipe nubs, those methods hurt, but not diminish, my ability to slay.
  5. I think a /support, /report, or /bug command would benefit this Pre Alpha heavily. Most people I talk to find logging into the forums and going to the bug report thread, too tedious (f**king slackers). Having a / command that would pull up a small window to add a short description ... maybe add a built-in screenshot.. would generate more bug reports. More bug reports = things get fixed. Things get fixed = game more fun. Game more fun = more player base = ??? = profit.
  6. Not all of us are old farts. Come join UDL, the best guild in the game.
  7. Read the first few comments. Food consumption is awful right now and armor values are crazy which makes MOST large-ish group fights take a TON longer than they should. We usually end up talking to people in chat after a while during the fight because it gets so boring.
  8. Myrm net is 30m and so is Knight chain IIRC. What range is confessor's attacks again? Hahaha
  9. You can see the end date of Campaigns when you click on them. Click on the next one you try to enter, but before you hit "Join Kingdom" or whatever, read the description.
  10. People are bitching when they have 10x training and can effectively do everything, imagine when that's not the case. ^ Exactly my point I think you're missing the original post of this thread though. People are complaining about startup costs, complaining about punching 3 trees.. not complaining about high tier resource cost. Everything of what you said, I agree with.
  11. This is a whole other conversation. I'm also a strong believer in armor/weapons need to be scaled down. Too much of killing power comes from armor/weapons/training and not enough from player skill.
  12. Crowfall is currently in Pre Alpha. If you followed the game, you would know how many times the devs have changed the requirements for advanced armor (a lot). I'm used to these crying threads asking for the game to be easier. It comes with the 2018 mentality of everything handed to gamers. I'm a strong believer in that great armor shouldn't take only 30 minutes to grind. If I have a GOOD set of armor/weapons on, I want to have a FIT when I die, because I lost durability.. or lose the armor/weapons on the dregs. What you should really be complaining about is the TIME is takes to get to the point of crafting advanced armor and weapons. Also the time is takes to gather high-ish tier resoruces. You do know the current skill training times are multiplied by 10 right? What you do in 2 months will take you a little less than 2 years. I can't imagine they will keep the 1x's skill training.
  13. I don't see how the experience will change when the population grows, unless you will be one of the people asking for free armor. I like Mandalore's "welfare gaming" comment. It sounds like you're just looking for a different game friend. If you don't want to do any harvesting, this game is not for you. I would highly recommend getting good at killing and join a guild that has multiple dedicated crafters. Once you kill enough people, you'll have enough resources to give to your crafters and they will love you. If you're a solo player -----> Fortnite or any other simplistic game. Edit to say that I was one of those idiots who didn't like harvesting. Guess what? Turns out I was competent at killing people. Pair that with a good guild, I was able to get free armor/weapons. Eventually, I stopped being a noob and started looking into the harvesting. Now I am a pretty versatile player.
  14. Isn't that the point of advanced armor? In Darkfall, it didn't only take 30 minutes to get a fully Dragon bag. I think too many gamers now adays are too "privileged" and want everything handed to them. That's a whole other topic though.
  15. You have to punch a total of 3 trees before you can craft an axe. I don't see a problem.
  16. All resources on the Brazil server are 2 ranks over the resources on NA/EU. For example: The Rank 3's near the beach heads are currently Rank 5 resource nodes. This overall diminishes PvP on NA/EU and favors fights on the Brazil server, in which I constantly had 230-275ms ping times last night.
  17. With the Brazil server having +2 to the Resource rank, PvP and resource gathering have been effectively killed on EU/NA. There is no point to being on those servers at all. So now, the full game is on the server where most people have 200+ms ping times. Was this intentional or an oversight on ACE's end?
  18. I just heard about this thread, but it looks like it was requested on a Crowfall Stream and Venark started it as a joke.
  19. Hey guys, I crafted something! Roll with UDL if you want to win fights. We don't crutch on gear that was farmed while hiding for 2 weeks on another server!
  20. What do you mean? As a duelist, you can burrow under the wall/gate and get inside without getting hit by a guard at all. Zero noise because enemies cannot hear your teleport while burrowed and cannot hear you while you're burrowed.. however friendlies can.
  21. I always refer back to Darkfall, because this game loves taking ideas from it. In Darkfall, if you entered a city/town.. the people who own it get Notifications, (Someone has Entered ____ City). Also, during that time, there is a loud Lightning Tower thing that shot at them constantly, so you knew where they were.
  22. I love the idea of people going into a fort/keep and doing this stealthily. However, the fact is that keeps are less protected than forts.
  23. I'm not sure what you mean by Texture jumps and texture hits. Maybe you guys have a different language or know more about the backend than I do. However, wood elves, duelists, assassins, confessors can blink through walls/gates. I don't care about that, but why have crafting stations in the worst guarded area in the keep? Makes no sense. I like Anhrez's idea of being able to buy guards to slot them places.
  24. I do not understand your question. Is it directed at me? The reason I want this is safety. Why should crafters be in a keep without guards rather than a fort with guards? No point.
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