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  1. @blazzen We all know Blazzen likes to talk. I really like all of the ideas. Other examples from games that I have played and the devs have worked on is SWG. There was not much CC in that game (idk about pre nge, sorry I'm a NGE guy). Smugglers had the pistol whip, which was literally the only reason to play Smuggler. Pistol Whip into the big buffs/dmg combo. The only other CC in that game was really slows. If you give everyone CC, especially AOE CC, then it creates a problem. Examples of possible fixes: Confessor: Obvious one. Does a fire mage really CC? Are they supposed to be the more damage'y version of the Frostweaver, who sounds like should do more CC? Frostweaver: Please just do slows. Maybe let this class be the one or 2 classes that gets a hard stun? Frozen in ice? Slowed by blizzard? Ranger: AOE Suppress is OP, but needed? Shoot an arrow with "spirit dust" to blind people instead? Druid: I personally think the root fits the druid perfectly. However, I don't know if AOE root is needed here. It's definitely a play maker, but I think a single target root would be more balanced. Myrm: That cooldown on the net tho.... Templar: I think Templars have a good niche for knockdowns and stuff, but having a 2-2-2 combo that is on a low cooldown + parry knockdown is a bit much. Take knockdown off parry? Champion: I'm really not familiar with. Knight: I'm really not familiar with. Overall, I think less hard cc, maybe a slow or debuff in it's place?
  2. @durenthal @Tinnis @Yumx Tinnis: do you think they should shift AoE CC into C style powers with soul power, hatred, zealotry, style charge up to prevent 'front loading' and ease of spamming them? or wrong direction given how that went before... Crowd control discussion continued from Bug report/Feedback. I personally think CC should be less common. I've talked with a lot of people on comms and this seems to be the general consensus. Thoughts?
  3. Fun stuff, I'm glad we could contribute
  4. Coolwaters was a very respectable and skilled opponent on the battlefield. I wish I had the opportunity to learn more from him. He won't be forgotten. My condolences to his friends and family.
  5. Unfolded


    There are simply a lot more important things to do. I really like someone's comment on a live stream I saw a few months ago, "a lot of game companies don't even allow (normal players) to see their game at this point". I'm sure AI tweaking is heavily on the backburner with all of the updates that are coming out soon. I hope mounts will be in before launch, but as much as I would love to see taming before launch.. I can't see that happening.
  6. Unfolded


    Worst you have seen in an alpha because this is "pre-alpha".
  7. I think SB is a little overpowered right now. I wouldn't mind it if rallying banner only healed allies... but it wouldn't make much sense because it's technically a banner that you put down. More training and learning how to get around it will help in the future. I think good rolled slag weapons are fine, but basic weapons definitely cannot break it. *cough* unfortunately in the first video.. only Soulein had an advanced weapon.
  8. GFs! Tons of practice for our new guys
  9. Thanks Kcing, all we all need is practice. Just keep dueling/looking for fights and always try something new. Or do like I do and copy smarter people's builds. @scipio
  10. @ACE_Jackal isn't a dev, he just fetches coffee. Right?
  11. There is a flaw in your mentality, I cannot be hit for 2k
  12. Very true! I found out that the Druid was streaming and those guys were his friends. I helped them out for a good 15 minutes, explaining how to get adv weapons and where to start. The traps still only knock up 30% of the time. Honestly, I've never read the tooltip for them, so it may be a trigger lmao... you're going to make me go in the game and look for it With the Cross Slash nerf to Ranger, I will probably load Dagger Spin more. I was testing it out a bunch last night.
  13. Coolwaters isn't a noob, BUT HE GOT OWNED LIKE ONE! jk
  14. Holy moly, hey TK. I'm 99% sure I knew you back in the day! If you guys are still around, I see posts were a long time ago lol
  15. Hey, I went to Starsider after Radiant closed as well. Valcyn -> Flurry -> Radiant -> Starsider. My name was Ragovy and I was a Medic. What was yours?
  16. Agreed, I used to be a huge SOE fanboy (hell, I just downloaded and played Project 1999 for 3 hours today). SWG -> CU and SWG -> NGE and EQ2 crafting updates were all terrible decisions. Not sure if we can blame it all on him though.
  17. The only 2 classes with bad hit registration are templar and knight (haven't tested knight myself, but that's what I was told). Every other melee class has a huge weapon arc. You can test this yourself. Templar and Knight's melee attacks are like rays, not weapon arcs.
  18. I actually like the old skill icons that Tinnis posted better.... but the only time an experienced gamer is going to have an issue with this is when the skills bug out after death. At that point, you have to drag them to your hotbar again. I recently messed up and put on some other skill instead of rallying banner because they looked so similar. Clearly that messed me up in a fight. After this skill removal death bug goes away, I can't see any veteran gamer having an issue with the current icons.
  19. This is still broken. Very handy feature that would really help!
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