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  1. Ha ha ha! I love the new badges!
  2. It is very exciting to be here. I can't wait to hear more!
  3. Still playing Landmark but have played GW2, EQ2 and ArcheAge in the past year. My first MMORPG was Free Realms but it was shut down last March by SOE to make room for EQNext and H1Z1. We had a large successful guild in that game for almost five years. I have not found another game like it yet.
  4. I understand which update you mean nicoletti901. That almost ruined the game for a lot of people. Not everything about FR was great, that is for sure, but it was home to a lot of people in the end. SOE closed out four of their games last year to make room for Landmark and H1Z1. I wonder if they regret that sometimes.
  5. Hi laskatan. Free Realms was such a great game. If someone could take the great things about it and make it more for an older audience, it would really be one of the top games out there. One of the things that made it great were the graphics and game engine. The animation dev team were truly great and they made the game fun to play. I know that hard core gamers would probably be bored to tears but there are so many teens and tweens that need games, too. I have seen that Crowfall will most likely be rated M but hopefully it will still be a game that our FR gamers will be able to play without a problem. They have all grown up in the last five years so now they are ready for more, I think.
  6. Hi ironpoint! It is nice to meet you. I loved cart racing after I figured out how to drive my cart. LOL
  7. I am a poor lost Free Realms refugee looking for a new home. We had a large, successful guild in Free Realms and were devastated at losing our beloved game. It has been almost a year now and we are all still looking for a game that might replace what we lost. We have tried Landmark, Villagers and Heroes, Guild Wars2 and Archeage but none of them have the same magic that FR had for us. I saw Crowfall discussed on Twitter and could see a glimmer of things that might be. I can't wait to see and hear more of what the devs are planning. There is no other game like Free Realms. Crowfall might actually be what we are all looking for.
  8. zadira


    If Crowfall could be like ArcheAge in the good ways and leave the bad parts behind, Crowfall will be amazing! I loved ArcheAge, at least the concept of it, but hated that the land economy was run by land snipers. I can't even imagine how successful this game would be if they were to implement the good things about ArcheAge.
  9. So many of us are looking for a game we can put our hearts and souls into .. I am sure hoping this is it!
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