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  1. USTZ player looking for a small to medium sized guild interested in punching above its weight and making a name for themselves. I'm hoping to find a group with a very strong sense of community, somewhere to really call home, for launch and beyond. Stealing the template because :effort: Guild criteria: Region: US Atmosphere: A friendly yet competitive atmosphere, a group that sticks together against everyone else. Ideally, any guild discord would have a #memes channel Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore in moderation. Casual play is fun too sometimes Size: Small to medium. Play-Style: I'm a huge fan of stealth and ganking, but I'm also looking to get back into a leadership role, both roaming with groups and grand strategy. Pit fighter is fun. Commitment: Variable, but will certainly increase as we get closer to launch. I don't want to burn out, and we've all got things to do in meatspace. Miscellaneous: Ravioli ravioli give me ur dooberolis Experience: Been playing off and on since 2017? Yeah, 2017, and have been collecting skulls whenever I pop in. Non-crowfall, the biggest "experience" I really have is about 8 years in EVE, so the general feeling of this game is pretty much ingrained in me by now. Voice-Chat services: Yes.
  2. Really depends on who you ask. A lot of these dudes are PL. ALSO HELLO THIS IS A BUMP AND WE ARE RECRUITING.
  3. Plateaus are the highest forms of flattery.
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