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  1. Why would we need this many character slots when you can only train 1 or 3 classes at a time... did that system change, or will people have a lot of useless characters for the “fun” of it?
  2. Agreed, looking back on my post KS video and its like almost everything has changed. And I whole heartedly agree the current soft launch, permenant skill trainning, p2w catch up mechanic (how it will be viewed) is going to kill this game the second it officially launches
  3. you want to test things how they will be live.. so there will be "wipes" when new campaigns start but you also need to test what it will be like 1/2 way through a campaign when every one is stocked up so either way is fine really
  4. I hate the new login ui. Blinding white and twice as many clicks as needed. Do these people never learn.
  5. dont know why but i really wana try druid with a scimitar
  6. Are the armor/weapon appereances based on race or class now or something else?
  7. @thomasblair will classes have their own skills still, and if so when can we see those so we can start theory crafting in ernest!
  8. Lots cool stuff, suprised you cant make a human confessor
  9. Layered character building with active and passive skills broken up between race-class-weapon. Race = Guinecean burrow, Centaur rear kick, + racial passive as well like movement speed for centaur Class = confessor fire tornadoes, R click druid teleport, knight shout shield, + class passives like low health healing for champion Weapon = shield charge, 2h axe bleed, pistol stun, bow rapid fire UI widgets would appear if your weapon or class has them, so a minoutar using a pistol could have two UI widgets. They would have to assign which skills go to race, class or weapon but other than that it shouldnt be too hard. And if they dont have all the animations they can just limit the combos. Something like this would be so amazing.
  10. Id flip the druid and frostweaver... the thrid icon looks like a snow flake and the 6th looks like the iconic druid staff animations/screenshotE vessel = race rune stoen = class
  11. @ren it looks like racial weapon sets to me, which would be nice to have some more variety
  12. If i can be a Guinecean Knight or Templar and still burrow! Oh man that will be fun
  13. A long time ago in a live stream they showed how they were working on having hundreds of people on screen with improved performance. I dont remeber seeing anything significant regarding performance improvements so i hope they are still coming, maybe as a reveal this week
  14. The first night the servers opened it was packed. I actually though the game was alive! but then we all realized the server couldnt handle more than 10 ppl ata time. So we take turns, otherwise its unplayable
  15. I know this isnt part of enviorment but you mentioned the camera, any one else dislike how the camera jumps around when goong in and put of combat/putting your weapons away. It feels janky and weird to control when also moving, panning etc. i wish it would just stay where it is like normal
  16. I agree with you, except about not fixing it. They should fix
  17. Super excited for templar, it will probably be my main. But the best info, rebinding/moving powers keys!
  18. Don't expect a lot more. Even when there are 20 to 30 people its usually a guild of 15 that you wont see because their off crafting together or roaming killing every one 10v1 or dueling another guild 10v10. The most we ever had was a fight of 90 around siege time like a year ago. Have to wait for more gameplay, right now its just boring gathering
  19. aren't the current tests in happy plentiful summer time... when fall and winter rolls around it will be bleak and dreary and full of death
  20. I agree but CF is doing it anyway. And to make matters worse they have the passive trainning system. So you will either pay or play for VIP in an unfinished game so you don't get behind others
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