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  1. We really need to be able to move banked time from a tree to its sub-tree (sometimes 30 days is more than necessary to fill an entire tree).
  2. You said it was okay to argue X/Y combinations. What about Guinecean rangers? They could have a shorter than normal bow, but the upside is that they can use their stealth ability to get to a good spot to shoot from. As it is, they have a tine health pool, and they can only play melee classes.
  3. Going to be gathering-focused, with some stealth mixed in, and looking for a Crafting/Gathering guild.
  4. Was this before or after you spent an hour chasing me around Bloodbath unsuccessfully while stream sniping me to see where I was?
  5. Well the less you die the greater your chances to win.
  6. I'm sure they'll provide themselves a set of knobs and levers they can tweak for each campaign, and maybe mid-campaign (game-breaking problems only).
  7. Looks like your experimentation went well with max damage, and not so well with min.
  8. Conceptual development, engine building, asset creation, optimization, post development to name the main ones.
  9. Yeah of course but that green stuff has to be mass-produced to outfit the PvPers constant fighting. Can't afford to make high quality with how long it is. The high quality gear would be brought in by people who really, really don't want to die. A personal investment. Obviously they'd have to farm up the mats in the Dregs and craft it in the EK.
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