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  1. I just fixed everyone who paid off a layway up through yesterday now (and will email them shortly). I'll fix everyone between today and the end of the sale who pays off a layaway at the end of the sale. Thanks for reporting the issue!
  2. First, sorry to upset you, certainly that wasn't our intent. The Backer bundle did say it would have a copper badge. But we didn't end up calling the bundle copper (all the bundles above it were named for a mineral or metal). There are more than a couple of text issues with rewards, which are locked the moment you go live with a Kickstarter (i.e. they cannot be edited) We can resolve this in a couple of ways that I can think of. 1) We can change the backer badge to a more copper-like color. I'm pretty sure the artists ended up changing it when we made the badges because it was too
  3. Yes, we will work to make the rewards cosmetic in nature, particularly for the current Crowfall friend. It should be an "atta-boy" and not so material people want to game the system.
  4. The current plan is when we have more in the store to purchase! I doubt we'll get to this until after the summer.
  5. Cookies are supposed to last much longer than a day. We're still looking into this.
  6. Thanks for the details, routed the right folks to work on it!
  7. Web team will be fixing this for sure! Thanks!
  8. I'll see if we can get a copy of the video too.
  9. Not MrMike, but Thomas "Dreadflame" Sitch built the server engine. The client is much more likely to have issues at large scale than the server (including network code). Everything will be tested well before we launch
  10. 1) Empire (the pre-cursor to Civilization) 2) There are items that are exclusive to Kickstarter and you should expect that there will never be a better deal for the price 3) Didn't want a steady job (achievement unlocked!). On a more serious note, I wanted to love what I did for a living.
  11. Honesty always. Starting with I don't know what our update schedule will look like going forward, but it certainly be whenever we have something worth showing.
  12. Always it is the cancelled, unshipped games. You are left with "what might have been", rather than closure.
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