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  1. Consider these two sentences, and try to imagine your favorite high-school English teacher discussing them:


    "You agree not to use the Service in order to making real-world threats of any kind, against others, may lead to disciplinary actions."


    "You agree not to use the Service in order to make real-world threats of any kind against others; this may lead to disciplinary actions."


    I still maintain that "this may lead to disciplinary actions" is implicit in the entire idea of a code of conduct, and that by specifically pointing that out in this one clause you are somewhat implying that that's not the case for any other clause.


    Good points, will catch them in the next edit.  Thanks!

  2. First, sorry to upset you, certainly that wasn't our intent.  The Backer bundle did say it would have a copper badge.  But we didn't end up calling the bundle copper (all the bundles above it were named for a mineral or metal).  There are more than a couple of text issues with rewards, which are locked the moment you go live with a Kickstarter (i.e. they cannot be edited)


    We can resolve this in a couple of ways that I can think of.


    1) We can change the backer badge to a more copper-like color.  I'm pretty sure the artists ended up changing it when we made the badges because it was too close to gold and amber though in the first place.  Maybe make more greenish like copper that's oxidizing.


    2) We can change the text to call it the Backer/Copper badge.


    Things often change during development for reasons that aren't apparent until you get to the point of implementation.


    Let me know what you think we should do about it.

  3. Didn't the devs explain at Capital Factory they are using an top notch proprietary mmo engine made by Mike McShaffry "MrMike" himself? Think he even said he worked on for it for 4 years.

    Not MrMike, but Thomas "Dreadflame" Sitch built the server engine.


    The client is much more likely to have issues at large scale than the server (including network code). Everything will be tested well before we launch

  4. What was your favorite GAME of all time, and why?


    Will Kickstarter pledges be given any extra items (mentioning Shroud of the Avatar) compared to future pledges?


    What got you into Game Development/Production?




    1) Empire (the pre-cursor to Civilization)


    2) There are items that are exclusive to Kickstarter and you should expect that there will never be a better deal for the price


    3) Didn't want a steady job (achievement unlocked!).  On a more serious note, I wanted to love what I did for a living.

  5. I very much admire the transparency of the Art/Craft team.

    I feel that the teams honesty over the Kickstarter initially set people running like chicken little, evidenced in our current CF boards by many new posters.


    Will the Art/Craft team still honour us with honesty after the Kickstarter?

    Also, I'd like to know if we will still be updated weekly with game updates after the Kickstarter?


    Honesty always.  Starting with I don't know what our update schedule will look like going forward, but it certainly be whenever we have something worth showing.

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