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  1. Indeed, with all the recent announcements it feels like they're holding back on the patches currently and then hit us between the eyes with a massive one. Zhe mother of all patches.
  2. I second these ideas. The more and more I play and read about the game, the more I'm convinced that I want to play a scout who excels at roaming, using stealth to get behind the enemy's lines and then map the territory to the benefit of his guild whilst reporting enemy movements, disrupting caravans and taking out lone players. I was never excited about such a role, as it was generally surplus to requirements in most MMOs, but with the fog of war and other mechanics, Scouts will actually have a very valuable role.
  3. Depends. You can play more passively and sell your services to whichever side is taking a beating, or you can be more active and actually start beating up the winning side. It's all about maintaining balance, and that could actually mean that you end up with the most amount of forts, as long as you ensure that the rest is spread more or less evenly across the other two factions. It's also more likely perhaps that you get picked on by the other two sides. Balance could perhaps be the most interesting one to play as you're the piggy in the middle, and that can lead to some really intriguing political shenanigans. Balance has to most potential for manipulation I think, so if you're a bit Machiavellian then this could be a great side.
  4. Will we have a decent degree of guild functionality? In order to properly test it, we will need to organise as guilds and perhaps strike alliances. Some rudimentary guild system is required for that.
  5. Some amazing videos and gutted I couldn't participate. Next time hopefully!
  6. Thank you, I figured as much and I fully intend to play in an organised guild as that is how I have played my whole MMO life. Applied already with Caldera... waiting to hear from their officers. :-)
  7. Thank you, that puts everything in perspective and allays some of my fears. Will give Druid another go. First thing to change is to add Dryad to my Field Surgeon major discipline as both seem to perform well. The rest perhaps keep the same: Mythical Staff for weapon disc and Matching Plate / Armor of Faith / Overwhelming Odds for minor discs.
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