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  1. Against a champion you have very little chance, the confessor ultimate fees like a temporary attempt of escape prior to death, lol
  2. I do believe Crowfall is currently the best open world pvp mmo on the market, warts and all its the best, im enjoying it a lot!
  3. Ive backed the game since 2017 and am happy to admit I was really disgruntled when a number of release goals were missed, especially the soft launch, however thats in the past and you cant argue the endeavour ACE have displayed, they have always aspired to create the game they proposed in the kicstarter campaign. I havent ever played much of the beta, without sounding rude i just have more important things in my life to do, rather than test or play a game where my progress will be deleted. With this in mind i have thoroghly enjoyed week 1, i love Crowfall and have found an mmo home, i have no interest now in anything else on the horizon, i intend to stay here and enjoy the game develop! 10/10 so far for me, and the game will only get better and better, very exciting!
  4. I like it, it does a good job in providing me the information I need. I play in 4K on a 55ins screen so that no doubt helps!
  5. I see players everywhere all times of the day, feels very busy to me!
  6. Business is global, lets not lose sight of the customer base, their provision/foundation should reflect this, their cuastomers are from all around the world from multiple timezones, your blowing out a straw there friend and making excuses for incompetance and piss poor planning!
  7. I hope your read this ACE beacause this is the crux of all of the complaint threads!
  8. Give the guy a break, he bought the game, he cant play it because the advertised service is unavailable, so he wants a refund, you cant blame him for that!
  9. When does a launch not become a launch? When you advertise your TEST server because your live servers are down!
  10. The launch day issues have highlighted the existing interface or lack of one to inform players of the server status is not good enough. Were all wasting so much time guessing or trying to log on, all uneccassary, this could be vastly improved with an active up to date server status either client or forum side.
  11. Atome

    Nerf Warden

    Concussion trap is on 8 sec cd, Trap master on 50 sec cd?
  12. Launch cant come soon enough!
  13. Good question, lots of folks would love to know the answer to this!
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