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  1. It’s not your systems it’s the game, folks with top end systems are experiencing the same FPS/performance issues.
  2. Question, the game in its current state is unable to manage large scale battles, it is unplayable. Are you confident these issues are fixable and can you confirm what measures you intend to take to ensure the game with its USP (Throne War mmo) is achievable with decent performance? (This is the single biggest problem with the game effecting every single tester, let’s see if you have the balls to ask it Zybak).
  3. Biggest problem with the game...performance. Until this is nailed nothing else matters.
  4. No need to be so rude and defensive,. Your rude then completely contradict yourself by rationalizing a change of delivery by them, which is what i am responding to with my question, not my fault they made false promises. I just asked if we were any closer due to said false promise. @Thevo thanks for your response.
  5. That being the case as i mentioned why were we being told soft launch end of 2017? 1 Year later and still no soft launch, so you can see my motivation for the question.
  6. Are we any closer to a release? We are almost at the year anniversary for the previously scheduled soft launch date end of 2017, how much longer do we have to wait?
  7. You say soon! When do you anticipate soft launch to happen?
  8. Interested in joining you guys, likely I will have a few friends join closer to launch, will hit you up via Discord over the weekend
  9. Both the Tomes and the integrated Time bank systems look like they will bring a lot to the game, well done guys! ?
  10. We all know what happened there, Hackers destroyed the game.
  11. Happy with the VIP changes, as is SENSOU community, looking forward to soft launch.
  12. JG is alive, and he lives in Minneapolis!
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