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  1. On 12/31/2019 at 8:10 PM, APE said:

    Currently don't really log in much so I'm going with nothing. :(

    Hoping next update changes that for me and many more.

    The things I like about Crowfall's design aren't quite where I'd like yet so hard to say what will be addictive for me.

    Campaign rules/goals, pvp meaning, siege, character building, etc all need more work but are what I hope get me logging in.



  2. Question, the game in its current state is unable to manage large scale battles, it is unplayable. Are you confident these issues are fixable and can you confirm what measures you intend to take to ensure the game with its USP (Throne War mmo) is achievable with decent performance?


    (This is the single biggest problem with the game effecting every single tester, let’s see if you have the balls to ask it Zybak).

  3. 59 minutes ago, mandalore said:


    That sounds like effort and thought, something foreign to the OP.  


    @AtomeThey were wrong to give unrealistic timelines at the start of the KS and the follow up soft launch; if you were more active or did a cursory search you would notice they no longer do things like promise dates for release.  You paid for higher access to the game and boards but don’t utilize the tools you specifically paid for.  Sad panda is sad. 


    No need to be so rude and defensive,.

    Your rude then completely contradict yourself by rationalizing a change of delivery by them, which is what i am responding to with my question, not my fault they made false promises. I just asked if we were any closer due to said false promise.

    @Thevo thanks for your response.

  4. 14 hours ago, Frykka said:

    lawl…   a game takes 4 to 5 years no matter how much wishing the devs and the backers do...   

    Wayyyy closer, full game loop this patch yet still missing some major stuff...   

    I'll toss this out...  Full Alpha in Spring, Full Beta this summer, Soft Launch next Fall, Commercial Campaign at Christmas season 2019.

    4 year Development.


    That being the case as i mentioned why were we being told soft launch end of 2017? 1 Year later and still no soft launch, so you can see my motivation for the question.

  5. On 03/05/2018 at 1:11 AM, Zomnivore said:

    Over all I think soft launch is a good thing. Permanent progress, campaigns that do the full game loop. Just a lot to like, and its going to be here soon.

    I understand the worries that late comers will be upset, but I'm sure at least the MMO specific news websites will note it, and people who want to be the first to be big crowfall streamers are probably at least loosely aware.

    I really think its exciting. I want the game to do well, so I hope they're prepared for a hungry crowd. Albion Online wasn't expecting the numbers they got and probably a good month of troubled servers resulted in a jumpy start.

    My personal hope is that with more people playing we'll get better PVP balance tuning in the coming months. I really like how the influx of cash affects how resources can be distributed to the things that most immediately impact gameplay. I understand engine work and such is important too and that'll probably be the focus for the first few months to get the servers to handle loads properly and having enough to meet demand, but boy I'm excited about class balance tuning.


    What are all yall excited for?


    Come on yall I'm excited and want to talk about the game here, if you even have a little comment thats better then just talking to a wall.

    You say soon! When do you anticipate soft launch to happen?

  6. 13 minutes ago, deiphoboz said:

    The outrage is created by the way the game was advertised and how the system was supposed to work, a buy2play game with passive training. Now it has shifted from a buy2play + sub game imo, because I cant login in every 2 hours to train a new "ding". Not because I dont want to, but simply because I have other stuff to do that is more demanding than the game. Which in turn will put me at a significant disadvantage to other people. Because this will not be just a one time incident this will probably be happening more than once, so in the end I will be months behind other people.

    But will wait to see how the new trees are going to look, but with the current system that you have to login at every 2.39 for a tier 1 node, its very disatisfying, and I wouldnt say its just an advantag to pay for VIP its straight out mandatory to pay for it if you want to stay competetive, because having a "job" ingame gives you money which in turns give you gear.

    Would you want a non VIP player in the guild that can play for tops 2 hours a day? He wouldnt be contributing much except being another body that had one full trained node after a week of playing while the VIP players would have several.

    You make some good points

  7. On 17/06/2017 at 3:49 PM, taroskin said:

    Based on the game mechanics, action combat and the pace of combat we've had, adding in friendly fire in a basic form would be disastrous and make so many abilities and group compositions worthless/extremely difficult to use.


    I really don't think friendly fire adds that much to the game - it will make the game 100x more complicated to balance. So I'm hoping they skip it!

    Would it not be disastrous to NOT try it during testing? Despite its difficulties! Soft launch must be priority and I guess FF = lots of work however it's got to be worth a test down the road.

  8. In comparison to the majority of you guys I am a new backer, I only committed to Crowfall this year (2017) largely because I needed to have a decent amount of development and progress achieved to give me the confidence in pulling the trigger. I am very happy with ACE, their delivery, communication, direction etc, I am genuinely excited for the product. 

    My only caveat is the Devs remain true to their vision and maintain complex and challenging systems, for the game to last it has to have strong PVP mechanics as this is what started the interest for the kickstarter in the beginning, do not water it down to compensate for the masses. Please don't carebear!!


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