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  1. It's a very good thing for the worlds flexibility, but still risky engough. I understand that u are pro gamedevs, but let me explain what kind of risks I see in this change In minecraft (hope it's appropriate to mention mc here) there was always a problem with 'dead chunks', which is analog of parcels. And they could be differently 'dead': not loading on the client side, resulting with an empty square in random place stopping correctly work on server side (for example, monsters stop spawn) These problems mostly inflicts parcels when user moving fast or teleporting, or moving to the parcels where no one came for a long time. So here is a question: would you keep the whole world (each parcel) active all the time or activate only when users nearby? U can say that that's all not a problem at all. But what I see is that minecraft after all years of existing and with great community that improves it for online is still experiencing such problems. And I'm afraid of them to affect the Crowfall
  2. Привет ) После того, как разработчики огласили о возможном выходе игры на OBT к концу 2017, решил, что настал и мой час ) Давайте немного активизируемся, что ли. Например, я создал статью в русской вики, чтобы привлечь интерес аудитории и заполнить информационный вакуум
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