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  1. You all gave some pretty good answers so thank you for that.
  2. Thank you all for your responses, I was just looking for a good answer to this problem which can be apparent in all games. I believe that the devs will be able to sort it out but I just wanted to bring this up so that the devs can try and find a way to correct this problem.
  3. The reason that Crowfall isn't that is because it's an early alpha. Your other point about deserving to win the game if you can create such a large guild is not true, it goes against what the devs were talking about in the video about Uncle Bob becoming so powerful that he's constantly winning. It shouldn't be about a portion of people wanting to have fun, it should be about every player getting the best experience possible, not just getting stomped because they refuse to join a mainstream guild.
  4. But here's the thing, because the game has such a large player base, wouldn't it be viable for a mega-guild to just create large sub guilds to go across every campaign?
  5. That is a good point Jah but I'm also thinking that it could be managed by an organized guild in a way so that there wouldn't be too much fighting.
  6. Here's the problem with becoming a spy and making a rebellion, most MMO's don't go in depth on creating platforms for these to start, it's just very unpractical. I don't care too much about equality but it would be a given that 5 very skilled players shouldn't be stomped out by 20 unskilled guild players in every campaign just for the reason that they have more players. The video talks about a reset but even with a reset in campaigns wouldn't the same stuff happen again with the same guild?
  7. Hi, I was trying to convince my friend to get Crowfall when he had brought up a good point. He said that, "If there is no way to stop clans from gaining more and more players, no matter what they say that will just become another Uncle Bob from the video." What he was trying to say is that the video explaining Crowfall talked about someone becoming so big that they will dominate every game so how come this can't happen in Crowfall with a clan of a large amount of players steam rolling every campaign that comes out?
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