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  1. Not going to make a huge post, since I'm sure it's already well known. I would like to suggest adding another discipline, probably major that increases stealth speed. Fae has a MAJOR advantage, and their racial already puts them at max stealth speed. Allowing assassins to go another race would be refreshing, not to mention what it would do for brigand or duelist
  2. Got bored halfway through, skipped to the end and saw all the armor/weapons Zybak was fed. he managed to die 3 times with armor on like that? Oof. Must be rough shooting fish in a barrel, managing to miss, and shooting yourself not once but 3 times lol
  3. was dueling a fessor in someone else's EK, and when to charge up an arrow (I'm on a ranger) and rapidly shot about 100 arrows in under 2 seconds. fought a duel before this and no issues. i did die, and retreave my body, but the only change i did between then and this duel with the bug was change out 1 glyph. i dropped field surgeon and picked up Firewalker. dont know if that helps, but i hope it does. sorry for posting this in the wrong section, the one i wanted to post in was locked.
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