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  1. I hoped for a skillbased game... but the game is looking to go into the direction of wildstar... combat wise. how do i refund this? there is nothing in the FAQ Thanks
  2. this is first dude in here that talks some sense..
  3. anyone who played darkfall on a mediocore level not gonna play this wildstar action combat guys... hate to say it.. but its not gonna be free fps aiming in this game
  4. developers nowadays have no balls. not a single FPSMMO on the market.. except for slow fps mortal online and darkfall uw which is crap FPSmmo should look like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG6QDsAfLTQ
  5. are you guys serieus with this i mean? Free fps aiming or burst..
  6. What is the vision or direction of this game gonna be when talking about topic mentioned elements? most mmos focus on either gear or stats.. and that determines your strenght regarding pvp.. I hope that the vision of devs focus on more individual player skill then gear or stats.. I do understand that this aint a fps game like cs:go.. were mostly player aiming and skill counts.. Are most the skills casted coned? aoe? Lets say.. im a naked char or crappy geared in crowfall.. would i be able to kill another player who is well geared because my player skill is alot highe
  7. tbh i think uw is pretty much over.. I just resubbed to the game.. and both the eu and na is pretty much empty.. its like playing a single player exploration game. altho na has a couple of more players i think.. but the open world pvp and raiding is none exictent. Hopefully av will vanish into darkness and some other people will pick up darkfall were they left it to rot..
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