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  1. It seems that you currently can't equip the specialty tool belt, so at this point you can't have access to any kind of usefull craft, is it intentional or just a bug ?
  2. Test is currently unplayable in infected, you can't cast a spell, nor ride your mount.
  3. On top of it, how in hell are you going to find the right vendor for the items you are looking for ? Go from EK to EK ? Spend your day loading new maps ? This is just not practical, we will never do that, there already are discords dedicated to trade, which means the economic structure of the game is inadequate.
  4. Any viable society, and a MMO world is a structured and organised society, need a viable economic structure to thrieve. What do we use to have during the pre alpha and alpha phase ? A limited number of available spots to settle shop on a first come first serve basis. That was a very cumbersome and unadequate way to handle trade, you had to spend countles clicks to try and find (or not) the items you are looking for, but push comes to shuve you could manage with the small community we used to have. You ended knowing which vendor was reasonably priced and what kind of stuff they usually tra
  5. I don't know if that's intentional but after roaming several times the Dregs map today i seem unable to find any King nor Chief, not even a Captain. That seems a bit strange, is it by design or a bug ?
  6. Whatever you call it doesn't really matter does it? What matters is that it's a playable game as its is, even though there are a number of developments yet to be made and to be tested. Supposedly that is scheduled some time for early 2020, January or February. That will go along with a general wipe.
  7. That is another subject to be adressed. How do you get a fair and viable economy going when you don't have a general Auction House in place. It's nice and fancy to craft your own vendor, but pretty much useless as all viable spots are already filled. On top of that it's a big fri***g mess, you have to check every vendor spot again and again to find (or more oftent don't find) an item you're looking for. Again that is a pre alpha and we can understand, but it's not a viable nor fair system for the future.
  8. There is also a problem of target locking when you are in a melee. Even if you switch target to save a team mate focusing on him don't always shows up on your screen and you're never sure the spell will land.
  9. Let's keep in mind that we are currently at a time 3 rate. As it stands the system is flawed, i don't even start to consider what it would be if it was a flat time 1 rate as it could be upon release. That is just preposterous.
  10. As a newly formed Guild we can perfectly understand the frustration Deioth is describing. The current crafting system is to be thinked over, when i see comments such as with a better vessel, a crafting armor and jewelry you will acheive better crafts, please explain how do you get those items when all you can craft when you have limited passive tree is useless crap? No matter how much you farm, how much you craft, you will always produce crap. Let alone that you can't collect quality ressources to start with. We have accepted that as a pre alpha game but i don't believe that this sys
  11. I am a fairly new player, even though i bought the game a long time ago. Our guild is 90% new players and we do feel the crunch when it comes to open world pvp. However does it make sense for a full wipe now 3 or 4 month before another full wipe? my answer is a big and loud NO. It makes no sense whatsoever, we are fully aware that we will have a few month of hard time catching up, that we will use to try to be better and learn about the mechanics of the game, but hell i will not go back three times backward, one now, one for the wipe in February and one at realease, that j
  12. Vraiment super, merci Royo. A refaire regulierement
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