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  1. Hi @Rewstyr Welcome to Crowfall! Check out the Guild section, I highly recommend to team up with other players and conquer the lands of Crowfall together. See you on the battlefield Cheers, Minke
  2. @Kraahk and all the Citizens of Ravenheart, we've honoured your wish to pass on the prizes and distribute them amongst the honourable mentions. We're already in contact with everyone to make sure all the merchandise will be send out asap. Thank you for this wonderful gesture! Your TG CM Team
  3. Do you remember the feeling the moment you logged in the first time to Crowfall? The time you spent to learn the ropes: Character control. How does this skill tree work? How do I craft? How should I distribute my skill points? This is the feeling of each and every new crow that joins our Community. What could help them today to get into the game with more ease? We want to know from you: If you were new to Crowfall today, which tutorial would be most useful/needed for you? Your TG CM Team
  4. Thank you everyone who participated! The contest has ended and the winners are announced here. Congratulations! Your TG CM Team
  5. WarStory Winners The WarStories contest has concluded. A huge Thank You to the creative storytellers, poets, singers, and comic artists who enriched our Community with their amazing pieces. All pieces are amazing and it was not easy for us to pick the winners. The creations were judged by their originality, effort, entertainment, and relatedness to Crowfall elements. After a very close race, all votes were counted and we are happy to announce that the first place is awarded to: 1st Place Citizens of Ravenheart --- Represented by @Kraahk An amazing, colorful and fun t
  6. Hi @Birdfoot Welcome to Crowfall! We're glad you joined our murder of Crows. I saw you're already on the hunt for a guild. I hope you find one soon and can enjoy the game with new friends. Have fun and see you in game Cheers, Minke
  7. Crows, inspired by the awesome community made Crowfall videos, we are excited to announce a project that we want to run together with you, our Community! Guild Cooperation Project: Community Videos We invite you and your guild to participate in a mutual project to create Crowfall videos, featuring ruthless battles, exciting sieges, thrilling duels, and other elements of the Crowfall experience. In this project, two or more guilds will be invited to stage several scenarios on the Test Server on a weekend, while the Travian Games marketing team captures the scenes from
  8. Hi @Wilks I'm not sure where you tried to contact support - they usually respond very fast as far as I know. If you need help please e-mail our team directly via support@crowfall.com I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers, Minke
  9. Post your entries to participate in the event below. All details can be found here. - Every post will count as one entry - You can participate as often as you like Good luck Crows! Let the stories begin…
  10. Crowfall War Stories Contest! Crows of War, During the last three Trials, many of you provided the Community with stories, reports, and streams of unforgettable fighting moments, thrilling duels, wicked strategies, and sneaky tactics. Inspired by those moments, for the next three weeks, we are running a contest for our warlords, lone fighters, fierce adventurers and creative storytellers. Share with us your comic strips, tales, diaries, and even video creations to enrich the Community with more fantastic stories and get the chance to have your creations prom
  11. Hi Tinnis, I've been working on the webpage and the entire FAQ to check for broken links last week. I've gathered them all and they have been forwarded. They will be redirected again as soon as possible, I have no ETA on this yet unfortunately. Thanks for bringing this up. Cheers, Minke
  12. Hi @Nebuchad if you're still looking for a guild, check out this section of the forum: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ Good luck and I hope you will find some friends soon to play with and roam the worlds of Crowfall! Cheers, Minke
  13. Welcome to Crowfall! I hope you will enjoy the game as much as we all do! The first sanctioned campaign is coming soon so you picked a great time to jump in! @Tarterror if you've purchased one of the packages you can download the game here: https://crowfall.com/en/client/ The Live client is available 24/7, the test client is only available during testing phases and depends on your access level. Cheers, Minke
  14. Hello everyone, welcome to Crowfall! I hope you are enjoying the game so far and are winning in our first testing campaigns. See you on the battlefield, may the best crow win! Cheers, Minke
  15. Hi @Jeph welcome to Crowfall! I hope you're having fun so far! When it comes to making sacrifices, right now everyone sacrifices to Malekai, there is no variation at the moment. It has no further effect on your crow/vessel either at the moment. I'm sure more Lore will be added within the game as we move further in development. Cheers, Minke
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