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  1. I have to say my experience with the game so far has been either very frustrating or boring. The boring part is having to gather and craft pretty much garbage, or at least it seems that way. The frustrating part is once I leave the beachhead I've yet to run into someone that I could even compete with. I get hit for 1k damage but do ~200 damage (yesterday evening), plus there's usually more than one enemy so it's pretty much pointless to leave the beachhead. You can't make better equipment because you can't get to better resources w/o getting slaughtered. It's like Hunger games with the good stuff in one spot but you have to deal with people that are already geared up. What do I need to actually defend myself?? I'm a Knight with 1h Hammer, Medium Shield (not the basic one) and basic armor. I thought that might give me a fighting chance but not even close. Is there a reason why 99% of the map is knotwood, cobblestone and slag? Then this little spawn of each type of Ore/Stone stuck in the middle of the map. It's just Alpha and I already feel like it's pointless to play due to the have's & have-not's. I know the previous comment sounds like I'm whining but there really is no chance at this point. At least that's what I'm running into.
  2. Do I need to get a youtube account to post a video? I've never done this before but wanted to post a bug video. I captured it via nvidia shadowplay/SHARE and edited it but not sure how to post it. Any help appreciated.
  3. ok let me put it this way. What has changed? I'm running 5.1.1 LIVE. Nothing's wrong with my video card/drivers. Do you have to delete and reinstall the LIVE and Test versions every time they start a new version? No patcher?
  4. The last time I played, it was the new Test version. I missed last weekend, so this weekend it says to use the LIVE version but all I get is a black screen. Any help/info appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Ok, I haven't logged into Crowfall for maybe 2-3 weeks I'm guessing. Basically I login to pick a training skill since testing farming wood,stone,ore was ... well ... boring. Now I'm reading comments that you need to be in a group to not get ganked all the time?? What the heck did I miss? I'm running "5.1.1 Prod" and can't login anymore. What are the correct steps to connect now? From what I can tell, I need to do the following: 1. Rename the current 5.1.1 Crowfall directory to CrowfallLive? 2. Download the game again via the "Test" client link? 3. Name that directory CrowfallTest? 4. Same username/password as the Prod version? 5. Rage quit from getting ganked non-stop.
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