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  1. tl;dr all the posts: My thought would to have some sort of balance between pve and pvp, with more of the focus being on pvp however: Safe zones? Yes to some extent. An example here would be <insert goal> takes 10 actions to complete. You can complete 3 of the 10 in a safe zone, then 7 of 10 in a pvp zone. Or you can achieve 10 of 10 in a pvp zone. Thus, pve zones can be minimally useful, but require you to venture into pvp areas. No pvp/pve toggling flags. It's a cheap mechanic. Same faction killing with increasing penalties. As example, 1st SFK (same faction kill) target-able i
  2. Currently WoW, (Again). Here's the list of MMO's I've played. Some casual, some hardcore. Some pvp focused, some pve. The best games were the ones with the best community. Trade Wars (Played on a local BBS) Oh 1994. Things were so much simpler. Ultima Online AC EQ DAoC FF11 AC2 EQ2 WoW FF 14 ( First version ) FF 14 (Current Version) AOC Aion Rift Atlantica Online CoH Dragon Nest DDO EVE TESO GW2 PSO2 SWG SWTOR Warhammer
  3. Servers without lag issues is important than mega server or shards. If you could do a mega server that's lag friendly, awesome! If you can't, don't.
  4. No leveling and here's my 2 cents why: A lot of time needs to be invested into creating leveling content. Quests, NPC(s), Hubs, dealing with bugs,etc. It goes on and on. I'd rather that development time spent on the end game content right out of the gate. Even if creating leveling content takes 1 minute away from end game sustainability and design, it's 1 minute that can make the difference between an good event and a great event. Also leveling content is a finite commodity. Once you do it once, you're done. The value it adds for replay-ability only caters to alt-aholics at that poin
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