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  1. In Soviet Crowfall, the rats farm YOU! LOL! Badger would still have been better though
  2. From what I have read/guessed at the worlds are going to be seamless and not limited by number of players. I have seen nothing to suggest they are 64V64 "instance" type battlegrounds, but rather multiple worlds that we can move between at will. There is a possibility that traveling to another "planet" will have a cost (in fact it seems likely), but everything they have said leads me to believe these "worlds" will be nothing like an "Alterac Valley." (Thankfully)
  3. If factions are like horde/alliance in WoW it remains the main issue I am worried about. I've never seen dividing up the player base via "factions" accomplish anything worth while in any game. Ever.
  4. If there is any world other than a "noob" land area that is not open PvP then this is not a true pvp game by "my" definition. No, this is not because I like "ganking" or grieving other players. I've played enough games with pvp restrictions to know that they do not prevent harassment. Whether it be "mob tagging" or resource stealing, or mob training (dragging a group of npcs over another player and issuing some ability to get them to attack that player) there are ways to abuse these systems. If I group up with someone or even just leave them alone and move on I want it to be because I chose
  5. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, or what it means.... But am I the only one who sees some similarity between this and astrology? First, some of the symbols used on another spoiler are the same as astrological symbols like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces etc. Granted, there are the three in the middle, and not at the spokes of the "Wheel" like the astrological wheel usually is. Also, I'm aware that there are thirteen here, and astrology usually only uses twelve. However SOME systems actually have a thirteenth "month" or "sign". Are these a heraldry breakdown for a "territory" in the game, w
  6. Agree completely! And Nephilim would be great too... But I won't hold my breath in that one
  7. It looks like there are possibly more races that we haven't seen. I don't really mind the Badger, could be cool, but I also agree some more unusual races would be nice. Minotaur is a great one, but could also be something unique to the game like SB did with Arakoi and Irekei.
  8. Now I have to invent a Hovercar that uses magnets and solar power as its propulsion system... Just to spite, of course
  9. I think there are a lot of us who will be perfectly happy if it isn't a clone. There is SO much more that could be done with the game concept today. As long as it isn't all about farming instances and holding hands, I think most of us will love it.
  10. No offense if he isn't... But has anyone else considered the fact the ablaze might be seriously trolling all of us? Didn't try LotR because he didn't like the books/movies????? Heh
  11. I don't have an issue with "spying". I've just seen others say that they do, and saw this as a possible way to do both. The main part of my post that I like is simply allowing us to play more than one character, and "sharing" an identity between your different characters through use of a unique last name instead of a unique first name
  12. I have seen some suggest only being able to make one character. I get the idea... But do not like it. However, I think I have an idea that might help achieve some of the same things. A. Anonymity vs building a reputation for yourself.... What if when you made your first character, you also had to choose a second name (last name) and that name was an account unique name that was then attached to every character you made after? I.e. Star Fleetfoot, Morgan Fleetfoot, etc. B. The downside of this is the LACK of anonymity creating the possibility of spying, and backstabbing and adding to po
  13. @blazerunner. I think what a lot of people fail to understand about the SB community is this.... NO other game has done or come close to what SB was for those of us who played it. Other games have had what they liked to call "PvP". But for those of us who played SB it has been a hollow mockery of it. In SB who you killed mattered. You had to build a city and defend it. If player X killed player Y, player Y could get his friends together and camp your city and kill all your guild members in retaliation. Or better yet... Farm up money for a bane stone and destroy your whole city. It wasn't
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