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  1. lol yeah when I saw the system reqs I realized how old I was 😛
  2. The page is up and apparently it will be launching in February: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1475570/Shadowbane/
  3. Same here... I've had an ESO sub for years just for the crafting mats bag.
  4. Sapphire backer here. I'm not playing but I'm also not disgruntled... I've simply been too busy and I am waiting until there are no more wipes before jumping in and playing. I really like the vast majority of changes from the KS campaign tbh. I think there are a lot of people in the same boat because I know that the group of 14-15 that I game with have all said the very same thing... hopped in and out during alpha/beta but are waiting until there are no more wipes to really dig in and play.
  5. Just to follow up I picked up my shirt today and it's rockin! Also I should mention that Artcraft corrected all the shipping/duty stuff and I'm extremely happy... seriously these guys are the best. Looking forward to ordering the limited edition and a few others when the Canadian vendor is locked down!
  6. ugh worse than Bieber and Bryan Adams combined... don't tell them that!
  7. I don't even want to talk to myself after this thread =p
  8. It leaves the US via DHL and is then transferred to Canada Post
  9. I thought the $10USD shipping that shopify charges for a single shirt was bad enough, but today they left a delivery notice saying there is an additional $20.56 owing for shipping before it is delivered. So just be warned you're going to be paying around $35CAD shipping for a single $22 shirt. Figured I'd just post a heads up so people aren't shocked.
  10. I want to name my fallen monarch "Ashen Temper" ... Todd is this allowed? =p
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