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  1. I mean my system is sitting at just over 2.5 years old and I wouldn't call a 9900k, 64gb 3200, 2080ti, NVME SSDs a bad/old build tbh, considering it's still faster than the vast majority of systems built/sold today... time isn't a good measure to use in cases like this where hardware can vary wildly.
  2. So as a Kickstarter backer I got a ton of guild perks and so have a guild created with all the packages. I don't have time to build up a guild but at the same time I don't want to lose all of the things I got from kickstarter. If I leave the guild is it just dead/lost? I'm looking to join another but would prefer to actually join their guild rather than ally with my little one man. Thanks!
  3. It's funny how I never played that game (I played AC) but I still know what that is lol
  4. You have to hit escape and you'll get a menu down the left side and the bottom icon enters placement mode. I had to research around and found a video showing it hehe
  5. The worst offender was Anarchy Online which had the top rated worst launch for an MMO to date and nearly killed the company. Asheron's Call had a fairly good launch but still had crash problems and server downtime... obviously along with all of the ones you mentioned above. World of Warcraft also had notorious issues at launch that it seems most people that played at launch have somehow forgotten.
  6. Yeah that confused the hell out of me when I couldn't figure out how to get to the EK hehe, very confusing/ambiguous how it is now.
  7. Exactly this, it's extremely ambiguous. It actually took me awhile to find out how to swap between campaign and EK because I just figured the play button would do the same thing as enter campaign. Now I understand but it is definitely ambiguous to someone who hasn't played.
  8. FYI Sapphire backers get 72 months VIP plus any of the extra months, I believe it's around 76-78 or so. I guess maybe upgrading was different after the fact?
  9. I hadn't logged in since hunger dome really, and over the last two days I'm confident saying that it is nearly the exact game I wanted and above my KS expectations. I'd love to see more of the city building but I have no doubts things will just keep pushing along.
  10. lol yeah when I saw the system reqs I realized how old I was 😛
  11. The page is up and apparently it will be launching in February: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1475570/Shadowbane/
  12. Same here... I've had an ESO sub for years just for the crafting mats bag.
  13. Sapphire backer here. I'm not playing but I'm also not disgruntled... I've simply been too busy and I am waiting until there are no more wipes before jumping in and playing. I really like the vast majority of changes from the KS campaign tbh. I think there are a lot of people in the same boat because I know that the group of 14-15 that I game with have all said the very same thing... hopped in and out during alpha/beta but are waiting until there are no more wipes to really dig in and play.
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