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  1. I transferred my character to Ebon Hawk, so add "Imperil" when you have a chance!
  2. Oh you guys are starting from scratch, very cool! Considering I haven't played in forever maybe I'll just install and make a new character and catch up to you guys and play from there rather than playing my old char
  3. nooo I really need to install SWTOR to play with you guys! I'm not sure how much catching up I have to do, I had a max level Sorcerer at launch before I quit, but I believe the level cap has been raised since then.
  4. Nautilus I definitely recommend hanging around in the forums and talking to people from the guild as ellie mentioned, it's a really amazing group of people
  5. I'm probably going to roll a warrior to play in TERA rather than priest, wasn't really feeling the priest gameplay... mind you I kind of feel like playing a ranged character so not sure =p
  6. Mind you if I do keep playing TERA I'll likely swap classes very soon to either warrior or archer so don't worry
  7. Yeah I saw you post that you created one... a few days after I was playing mine =p
  8. I created a priest in TERA (only something like level 11 right now) but I see most people in the guild are actually playing SWTOR right now, am I correct in that assumption? I haven't played since launch so I'm guessing it would be fresh again for me
  9. yeah it wasn't exactly the most fun month, it's only been the last two years where Jan/Feb turn to a frozen ice land. Meanwhile in a few months it'll be summer and 30C to 35C ... so yeah 60-70C variance between coldest and hottest roughly!!
  10. It was just between -30C to -35C all February here, I think I went outside 3-4 times
  11. I'm definitely in if it's in Oz! I would have loved that climate last month
  12. Of course not!! Alpha 3 is likely where it will start turning into an actual playable game and not just a test framework A game like Shadowbane/Crowfall the most important thing is who you're actually playing with, so it looks like you're set!
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