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  1. I don't actually think they need remove it. But giving aerial manoeuvrability to a single race, along with double jump AND a glide... That's arguably more impactful in terms of movement than what anyone else gets. If the dash was changed to a wing flap (a much shorter dash), akin to what the Human or Half-Elf dodge rolls are, they could retain the ability to be the only race in the game, that could dash while not touching the ground. But they couldn't just double jump, dash, double jump, dash and suddenly outpace every other race in the game, with no risk. The Stealth bonus I'm still opposed to, but that's just because having a single race that's "obviously best" for a single class is poor design. When giving multiple races the option to be a class, they should all bring something different to the table, that could play into build diversity. As it stands, Fae are bringing more than the others. Especially given the "hit and run" nature of assassins, having a race that has built-in "run" mechanics that no class or race combo can match, it seems too safe without any real counterplays. Some argue that you spec specifically to counter Fae, but again, this is then a racial feature that no one else has. No one spec's specifically to counter Elken or Human classes, for instance. So while I'm not saying "nerf Fae into the ground", it does beg the question whether the others then need to be "better" at what they do. And have more of an identity, to match specialising in a single thing, like the Fae currently can.
  2. Unless those amulets somehow give you a gap closer / disengage like the jump dash the Fae have, I just don't see it. Mind, I lack experience in Crowfall, so I won't claim that I know best. But I've worked with enough games during the design phase, reviewed and critiqued enough once they launch and played enough to think this is a glaring design flaw. It would appear I'm not alone with this observation. The unprecedented ability to engage and disengage at will is essentially the backbone of a hit an run class, like the Assassin, which is basically just the stealth burst archetype. Once the burst is over, you run and reset. It's an archetype that's designed to pick favourable fights and avoid the others. The slow-fall (while stealthed?!) only adds to this. Now we've added verticality to a single race, which massively benefits a class that wants to pick fights as inopportune times. All of the above would be powerful enough, but add 70% stealthed walk speed on top, and it's kinda clear to see this race was made specifically with assassins in mind. I'm not sure that's a great idea, in a competitive game.
  3. Hey Crows. Been toying around with the Assassin these past days, and one thing about the current designs really springs to mind. Designing racials with certain classes in mind, seems to defeat the purpose of allowing other races to play this class. Especially in a pvp game where RP etc seem less likely. I realise balance isn't a thing in the game yet, but looking at the various racials, I simply can't see why you'd ever NOT pick Fae. The 70% stealth speed alone is incredibly powerful (and specifically designed for the Assassin. Let's not pretend that's of any use to Druids or Frostweavers) but when you add stealthed gliding on top it's like you're almost nerfing yourself by NOT picking them. And we've not even begun to look at what a gap closer (or creator) double jump + dash is. Being the only dash that can be activated mid-air, you cover WAY more than the 16 metres that are advertised. Need to disengage so you can re-stealth? Jump dash, jump dash, disengage, flip re-engage, jump dash. You're practically on another continent by now. Is there a hill anywhere close by you can dash off of? Then blimey, you just flew even further. Need to chase someone down? Same as above. You're faster than anyone... It seems to me that not only are Fae so obviously better assassins that nothing compares. Other races actually seem worse, simply by virtue of existing in a world where Fae assassins are an option. I can't think of a scenario in which a Fae assassin would lose to a non-Fae assassin, all else being equal? Am I wrong in this assumption? Have I missed something? I know that for Myrmidons etc, Half Giant was a no-brainer, but that might have changed with the damage immunity nerf. Suddenly that "no stun" and charge from the cow is beginning to at least look interesting. But for Assassins, what does a Half Elf or Nethari bring to the table? Nether Rush is cool and the hovering effect means it can be used to dash up cliffs etc if angled right, thereby presenting some interesting escape mechanisms, but that's it. The bonus to fire damage again seems like a racial made specifically for one class. Am I missing something here?
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