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  1. Rename "dodge" to movement skill. Fix combos by allowing jump to be used mid combo or remove falling debuff. Walking up stairs or rocks or over a twig, half giant growth and many other actions that should not reset combos are cancelling combos. Feels incomplete. Fix NPC skill spam/cooldowns Fix npcs shooting through resource nodes/mountain walls while invincible Fix doobers being lost to walls/fixtures/mountains Fix bar swapping Half elf ranger rapid shot self roots on final shot of channel. WAI?
  2. Unable to use Stoneborn vessel in vault to create new character. The vessel does not show up in the expected place when creating character.
  3. https://tenor.com/view/trying-to-help-nope-worse-gif-8812392
  4. Gods Reach mobs (Urgu) in Sun Temple are resetting very quickly. It seems at anywhere from 20-30 meters they gain the invulnerable state and they run back to their spawn point. I believe I've noticed this in other zones as well. Kind of annoying to have a mob aggro you with a charge ability only to have them reset as you soon as you hit them.
  5. There is an option under settings that allows just that. The tab is only available while inside a game world, not from the main menu. The fourth tab in the settings menu with the crossed-swords has an option for "exit cursor mode on player movement"
  6. With the anticipated Beta approaching, I want to say this before it's too late. To be fair, I don't have the largest amount of experience with the game, but i have tested all systems through the years and understand the game loops. I do believe I have more than enough experience to say that there just isn't enough there. I don't want to dredge up all the changes of direction that have been made, nor the missing features that are sure to come post launch. And though this is a community project by definition, there has to be decision makers guided by both the investors and the players. Reminder
  7. Please be sure to address hitching. Unplayable state
  8. There are far too many hurdles to entertainment in every facet of testing that i've experienced, still. Besides the gamebreaking performance issues for most (have we seen a meager 500 people in one campaign yet?), this zone cap issue seems to go against the exact mantra of the development team. But a great deal of long term design decisions have done just that over the years. Regardless of the time required to level a vessel, the xp/time that a player must commit to a new vessel to join end game defies their main selling point. Still very excited and optimistic that we are nowhere near a finis
  9. I'm not sure how much info has been released on the plants/alchemy systems. But I would love to see the systems tied into one another. Receiving unique buffs and duration from differing qualities of food could offer some interesting horizontal progressions.
  10. Just to piggy back on Groovin, auto-run will be mapped to Num-Lock in 5.4
  11. Very new to this community but its been obvious from the start that there are some very nice, meaningful and loving relationships throughout. Lots of love. So with love, I wanted to offer my condolences to all that have been impacted by this terrible event.
  12. I certainly agree regarding a cap. To be clear, I didn't mean to imply an infinite amount of negative effects. I had actually assumed Purgative has a cap. And I can definitely appreciate the need for balance. With the new Recon skill from Assassin, I was searching for a counter to having the Exposed state so readily available. Edit: Thanks Destrin! I'll have to dig deeper.
  13. From the Field Surgeon Discipline, does Purgative remove the Exposed state? I realize the wording says damage over time but I'm hoping it removes any negative effect over time.
  14. I definitely learned the hard way that there are some problems with Censure. Sometimes, I noticed a 1-2 second delay from keypress to the skill actually firing.
  15. While I wholeheartedly agree that accommodating more play-styles and preferences will only benefit the Crowfall universe, this is a serious false equivalency. The amount of changes needed for adding first-person views pales in comparison to the necessary changes to both systems and balance required for FFA friendly-fire. That being said, bring on the originally promised Dregs Campaign! I've read some of the discontent with abandoning some of the more hard core principles that were first suggested and seemingly forgotten. Particularly the Summoning Circle and Embargo rules. According the
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