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  1. Please be sure to address hitching. Unplayable state
  2. Grayjay

    Zone Caps

    There are far too many hurdles to entertainment in every facet of testing that i've experienced, still. Besides the gamebreaking performance issues for most (have we seen a meager 500 people in one campaign yet?), this zone cap issue seems to go against the exact mantra of the development team. But a great deal of long term design decisions have done just that over the years. Regardless of the time required to level a vessel, the xp/time that a player must commit to a new vessel to join end game defies their main selling point. Still very excited and optimistic that we are nowhere near a finished product for any of the systems were testing.
  3. I'm not sure how much info has been released on the plants/alchemy systems. But I would love to see the systems tied into one another. Receiving unique buffs and duration from differing qualities of food could offer some interesting horizontal progressions.
  4. Just to piggy back on Groovin, auto-run will be mapped to Num-Lock in 5.4
  5. Very new to this community but its been obvious from the start that there are some very nice, meaningful and loving relationships throughout. Lots of love. So with love, I wanted to offer my condolences to all that have been impacted by this terrible event.
  6. I certainly agree regarding a cap. To be clear, I didn't mean to imply an infinite amount of negative effects. I had actually assumed Purgative has a cap. And I can definitely appreciate the need for balance. With the new Recon skill from Assassin, I was searching for a counter to having the Exposed state so readily available. Edit: Thanks Destrin! I'll have to dig deeper.
  7. From the Field Surgeon Discipline, does Purgative remove the Exposed state? I realize the wording says damage over time but I'm hoping it removes any negative effect over time.
  8. I definitely learned the hard way that there are some problems with Censure. Sometimes, I noticed a 1-2 second delay from keypress to the skill actually firing.
  9. While I wholeheartedly agree that accommodating more play-styles and preferences will only benefit the Crowfall universe, this is a serious false equivalency. The amount of changes needed for adding first-person views pales in comparison to the necessary changes to both systems and balance required for FFA friendly-fire. That being said, bring on the originally promised Dregs Campaign! I've read some of the discontent with abandoning some of the more hard core principles that were first suggested and seemingly forgotten. Particularly the Summoning Circle and Embargo rules. According the FAQ, these systems are still in the pipeline. Perhaps I've missed some details on permanent changes to these systems. But it appears to be more of an "out of sight, out of mind" situation for Embargo specifically.
  10. As funny as your sentiment is, and it certainly has merit, my understanding of ACE's vision for Crowfall involves many different levels competition and consequences. To help ensure longevity and quality, I believe its in the best interest to offer an experience that is both welcoming and challenging for the new player/snowflake
  11. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders'-update-a-great-year/ LOOKING FORWARD "As exciting as 2017 has been, 2018 is going to blow it out of the water. We’ve got some hugely impactful milestones in front of us: alpha, beta, soft launch and – once the game is polished enough – our world-wide commercial release." Its easy to see why people believe 2018 is supposed to bring us at least the soft launch. These statements from Todd and Gordon has many people believing its not only possible, but even probable. Regarding the decision to secure another round of private funding; "We believe this is the right approach, so we pitched it to our investors. They agreed. We are delighted to announce that on December 1st, we closed another financing round for an additional $6 million. This money will be used to fund the completion, launch and marketing of Crowfall. This means we’ll be hiring a few more people, we’ll be able to invest more in our live infrastructure and support more players; and we’ll be able to get some real attention once the game is ready." Though I couldn't agree more with the importance of first impressions. Some people may wander into the testing environment with certain expectations. No matter how unreasonable or unfounded these expectatons, the first impression can very be lasting. When these expectations aren't met, some folks may disappear from Crowfall without ever making a sound. Only to never return.
  12. This would definitely make things easier. I'd also like to see a full bank accept identical items when I use RMB. If the stack size allows of course.
  13. Geeked for these updates to be implemented! Hoping this issue will be a thing of the past as well;
  14. Could this perhaps be the salvage system!?
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