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  1. I tried to go through the NPE to learn all about the game and the history. Everybody who passed by just rushed through the text. Noone stood longer than a few seconds. I really tried to read everything, but it was so boring and bloated with filler (go to NPC A who then sends you to NPC B without any serious interaction) that I gave up on reading half way through, as it was just so generic. Honestly, I cannot blame anybody rushing through that and starting the game with a feeling of boredom, lack of imaginative gameplay and "when is the game finally starting?"
  2. I rather take a healthy sleep at that time. You US based guys have fun!
  3. You nailed my thoughts about the game just about 100%, friend. Good, comprehensive statement about the state of the game.
  4. The question OP asks just shows that the market needs good open world PVP games. Because otherwise the bar will stay fairly low.
  5. If you cut the PR speech it translates to: "The game is not in a finished state yet. We see issues with it that makes us hesitant to promote the product as we are afraid of negative reactions at this point. We also have to work lots on optimizations that's why it is good that population is low so the servers keep working and fps does not tank that obviously ingame while we try to fix that. It is also good that we can now actively cash in some money as we run dry, so that should help. Maybe. If we ever reach a state of game where we are comfortable with our product, we will give it one final push. After that we can still re- market it as a f2p title and maybe cash in one last final time on those vips while we keep the vets entertained with slight changes and big promises."
  6. It was not hard to grasp. You just embarrased yourself. Happens to all of us at some point.
  7. Why dont you custard clown show the WHOLE picture, where people clearly see that the average player count is between 15k and 20k for Valheim? NOONE would think that game is dead, you are just taking a graph and using it for your agenda. You accuse others of faking data, yet use it half- assed yourself to prove your point. Go work for Fox news, they will hire you on the spot.
  8. Well, I know I am in a minority in this soon to be echoe chamber called official forums, but I honestly believe that it is quite fair to compare a newly released product with one that has been on the market for a few years. Why? Because both are accessible to customers. If your game is unable to compete with games that are several years old, then it has to improve. Why would anybody chose to play the lesser of 2 games, just because its age. As a customer I do not care which game has had a fairer chance to get to the market. If you release a product, I will compare it with the market leaders. If it sucks, bad for you. If you work on it and make it shine over the next few years, I might come back. Easy as that. People are disappointed with the game, but whenever somebody expresses their opinion it is always declared as "wrong cause they did not dive deep enough into the game" or because "yeah, but CF did not really launch. Just ignore the bad reviews, everything will change when ACE puts up a big marketing campaign". I feel some people are in denial, which is ironically the first stage of grief for a game that was a still birth.
  9. Game is still in beta, once they start optimizing, your CPU temps should be fine On a serious not, I wish this game was optimized for more cores / threads.
  10. Wish you guys all the best. Had you been on EU I would have given your guild a shot! Best of luck in the dregs!
  11. When my VIP runs out mid August, most likely sooner, I will take a break and come back in a few months to see if the game managed to finally get out of beta.... Right now the game asks for too much time investment and just gives me more frustration than joy. I guess I am only feeling that frustrated with CF as I know what this game tried to be, what it became to be and what it could be in the right hands with the right mindset and financial backup.
  12. As I also play on ultrawide, maybe that is the issue ^^
  13. Yeah, Knight overall feels desultory and lackluster and besides the shield bomb build, both Secutor and Sentinel feel like builds that are not that super useful compared to other tanky / CC classes. Wish Knights would see some love, as I enjoy the concept of the knight, but not the execution.
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