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  1. At this point I am really interested to see if and how they want to revive this game. Meanwhile I am having tons of fun in other games.
  2. Ít is just a matter of WHEN it will be in the "death of a game" series on youtube...
  3. They opened 5 new German servers, so people could log in faster... so it was ok.
  4. My queue in New World for a less populated server is larger than the active CF community. lol
  5. I guess the strategy is to let the other devs release their MMOs and have this game ready once the people got burned out by those in 2 years or so. Looking forward to playing some New World next week. Scratches my crafting itch more than my pvp itch, but still gave me much more entertainment in the betas then my weeks where I really tried to like Crowfall after following the project since Kickstarter.
  6. I don't care how you feel about the other dude, but show some respect to janitors. Those guys do an important job!
  7. As someone who never played Planetside 2: Maybe?!?
  8. Welcome additions and changes, but not enough to make me reinstall the game. Yet, a step in the right direction. PS: Those race limitations better offer a free campaign slot and are no hidden incentive to purchase more character slots or you might not be able to participate without deleting one toon
  9. So you say people should play the game in a reasonable way so everybody can have fun? Pls post this on the LOL and DOTA forums for a more appropriate response 😹
  10. Real friends don't gift each other Crowfall 😂
  11. The dilemma is: once ACE removes the respec costs, they have one less incentive to shove VIP down people's throats. And VIP is the only thing keeping the lights on for a little bit longer, as the game barely sees any fresh blood. On the other side, the vets already have VIP til kingdom come, so I really wonder how this game finances itself right now, with another expected hit in the near future that will make them bleed some of the newer players / players that like to test many MMOs. The NPE should be shortened a lot, with high focus on the things that make CF stand out from other titles. Then push the money towards content before you go f2p, which is the only way I see this game ever making the cut.
  12. At good days, Crowfall had that many players as well in its beta... ... ...oh, 141K players. Sorry, I just read 141 players.🤷‍♀️
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