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  1. Well damn, if you all trying to accomplish something, maybe advertise in chats whats going on. All we know is friend is locked INSIDE and can't get out (not me, so covered his name as he'd rather quit the game than have to deal with it), and gave it a few minutes and just said eff it and logged out. Its great you're trying to use one of the many accounts to protect yourself but at least share that info. It was fairly obvious that people were trying to come and go out of the house as there were a few trying to jump in/out during the same time. Anyways, try to remember the little guy isn't g
  2. Blocking doors is cool and all.. but advertise the intent and don't wait for somebody to ask permisson.... be a little pro-active.
  3. Exactly! And thanks for all the infos. Essentially I didn’t know I could change names and the 2nd (better) account had been specializing in crafting/exploring and will probably become my future main and pvp account and will need to start researching in the combat tree. That’s what I mean by I’m willing to eat that change.
  4. Oh most definitely! I’m even willing to eat the loss on my skill tree. I had originally been gifted an account by a friend conning me to play with him. Then I was like... WHAT AGREAT GAME and invested in a much better account. Now I have the dilemma of my character name on the lesser account and an account with many more perks... and not my name. Totally willing to eat the skill tree loss, it’s still early enough.
  5. Great topic!!!! I had a friend gift me an account and loved it so much... I invested quite a bit more and definitely want to either change a name or transfer the entitlement.
  6. You will see this following “” lore “” to an extent. Your underfoot will be good at gathering ores, stone, gems while monster/hybrids good at animal skinning, humans good at construction stone/metal crafting stuffs and elevens better at nature wood/spirit stuff.
  7. This topic is to possibly start a conversation to provide a means for entry level resources to be obtained. I’m not talking about slag/knotwood/cobblestone but non-white/green items like iron/silver/spruce etc (base tier). As we all know, currently the only way to obtain advanced resources is to step into the thick of pvp (or play balance and have metals all around your beach head... yes we have wood stone on other side... but it’s in much less of a demand). what I propose is that slag/knotwood/cobblestone has a method or chance to occasionally obtain a base tier of a random metal/wood/
  8. I think this may be due to the area in which qualifies for a hit. I have noticed that I can have the cross hairs dead set on a player but unless the reticle turns red it is a miss. I’ll try and validate and give some numbers or video feedback. Also anything and I mean ANYTHING that could be obscured as blocking LoS will cause the “ray” to miss. Be it a slight jump in the ground terrain or a price of cobblestone that only blocks from the waist down.
  9. I like the bard example: bard class passively gains sustain the note and twisting.... that is the pro’s of the class. Cons would be that they are limited on attack abilities. They can pick up a couple other abilities that have longer cool downs since their main focus is songs.
  10. Install the test client. It sounds like your attempting to use the live client, they are 2 different loads. On the download page, there is the big bubble to download.... yeah not that one. Scroll down and read... it will have an inconspicuous link to download the test client
  11. I’d prefer animation fixes before anything else. Being stealthed and animation above, or above and animation stealthed is quite annoying when engaging, disengaging,mid fight etc. we all love the floating Jesus guine till it’s pvp time... If we had to fix a 2nd thing, it’s cone range on ranged attacks inbound while stealthed. Spray and pray rapid fire from rangers hoping to get lucky and pull you out of stealth is not realistic. Rapid fire can cover 180 degrees easily. Having a ranged class aiming 40 meters away 5-10 meters up in the air but hits you while underground and quite
  12. Much appreciated! I figured it was the card as i use the laptop more for work/travel than games. That being said, since day one of me starting to play and needing assistance activating a gifted package the customer service of ACE has won me over. I hope that means something to ACE cuz you are gaining customers by customer service, it really does enhance the perception of the game.
  13. Tried to decipher logs a bit myself. Not sure if this is a standard "fail" message or if its what is causing the game not to load properly. Failed lines below, with full log below that. {"body":"Failed to load 'C:/Users/USER/Desktop/Crowfall/Download/CrowfallClient_Data/Plugins/PK-UnityPlugin.dll' with error 'The specified module could not be found.\r\n'.","time":"2018-01-05T20:21:34.822Z","chan":"CLIENT","sev":"ERROR","service_id":0} {"body":"Failed to load 'C:/Users/USER/Desktop/Crowfall/Download/CrowfallClient_Data/Plugins/PK-UnityPlugin.dll' with error 'The specified module
  14. So... maybe I just need to let it sit a while? I had let it sit for a few minutes previously. I have also tried going Alt+enter and trying to load in windows mode. Still full black screen.... maybe its just a all due to a poorer quality laptop graphics card. I was hoping it wasn't since it plays everything else fine. I also did this just in case: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/8503-troubleshooting-machines-with-multiple-video-cards/
  15. Trying to use my laptop to run the game.... I think its got decent specs, but it is a laptop (i7 and 16gig ram). When I open the launcher, it patches and I hit the green arrow to launch the game. That launches the new window but goes to full black screen. There is a very quick flicker of white on the edges, but after that all black. I do notice that on my laptop I do have to "run as administrator" to get the game to start launching, I'm not sure if that matters. System Info: Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit Processor Count: 8 Processor Type
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