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  1. I might be willing to get rid of one of my amber kickstarter pledges for less than what I paid for it even. Would rather have the money I realized after the fact. PM me
  2. I'm glad of this Pann. Nicholas, what is the coolest thing about the development pipeline?
  3. Then why don't you report it instead of backseat modding
  4. speaking of haikus, recently on Something Awful I challeneged the Star Citizen thread Basically I said if someone donated $150 to bernie sanders I wouldn't post for a month, and someone did. Now many people miss my loveable being unconstructive and have been talking about me, including writing some haikus. - He died for Space Court While Anders cowers in fear His name was Eonwe - He had a cool sig Then there was some space drama The U.S.A - We are missing him His absence leaves us empty The Elephant spins. - his av was stupid he probably was euro do we give two poorly made sockss? - That was very rude But I take solace knowing You're fat and ugly -
  5. oh no, a person wrote a post i dont like, im going to write a wall of text saying how bad it is, making the thread even WORSE, instead of just ignoring it like everyone should do, thus solving the problem
  6. why should a thread be locked like threads are a custard renewable resource just post be the dumb poorly made socksty change you want the forums to be go wild follow your being unconstructive star
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