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  1. Of course the first fight where we wiped Hax in an even fight is omitted from the vid
  2. What he said x1000!!! this game would benefit from a Albion Online esque hellgate style system.
  3. My reply makes clear my intention, to explain to you that Whiteknighting the devs while gaslighting players on the forum about the status/progress of the game will only stifle the growth and/or success of Crowfall. Since your reading comprehension is lacking Sam, here is my suggestion: The Devs slow work on constantly reworking the existing systems and focus on what is making this game not able to have a stable tester base: LACK OF CONTENT. Create dynamic gathering hotspots that randomly appear in different areas of the map for a set amount of time that grant bonuses to gathering or
  4. Well, thank you for telling us what you like and how to use the forum since it's your personal playground. I've been following Crowfall since the end of 2016/early 2017 and finally started testing a few months back. When I first started playing I was shocked at the lack of progress the game had made being that it is so well funded and has a great staff. I'm not here to be negative about CF, I want the game to succeed, but I will not pretend the game is great right now and nor is it any testers job to come up with the content that the developers should be designing, implementing and having
  5. It is not almost a completely different game now, it the same flawed diorama esque world that feels very dead, from the lack of dynamic events and content for small or large scale groups to partake in. There needs serious work into making the world feel alive and organic activities that are fun and worth doing to help players actually feel like they are part of world they can change/fight over. Right now the game is 3-4 15-20 man groups roaming at keep times, avoiding fighting each other and instead stomp on smaller groups on their way to flip back control of a fort while they kill
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