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  1. We got a buff spender, stun, and weak diffusion as other. We really need a pip spender that increases damage per pip. Diffusion would be nice to stay weak but add sec of snare per pip spent.
  2. Assasin stealth speed should come with specing stealth. And I think their should be a minor discapline that gives a passive 20% run speed in stealth to help non assasin. Stealthers. Could this make fae assasins faster yes if they wish to loose a minor slot. Or put it in major discapline like provocateur.
  3. Its not like choosing a faction is puting a barrier on people. When you make a new character you choose faction and its permanent. If ya find ya dont like it make a new character in a new faction with the new friends ya wanna join. Now all your new friends will be that faction. But bouncing a new faction every campain if ya want is plain bad
  4. For one I think you ought to pick faction a stay with a faction. There is no faction pride if all can just bounce to winning faction to have guaranteed forts for crafting and basically safe zones to gather/farm. Plus with no real reason to control real estate except for above who cares who wins. Needs to be something like a special zone that can be entered by the winning side which while in there they will be harder to get to keeps to defend. Siege pieces should be a crafting trait that peeps can throw up siege alot faster. And spontaneous. I really like how DAOCs siege worked. Alot of people would have to carry supplies and give it to the builder as he builds the seige. And all the small points in map were important also as gaining control of them weaked the defences of the keeps. If you control all the small flags in a area your keeps should have roaming guards and archers all over the top. If ya take small flags in zones guards would be reduced to bare minimum. There should also be some sort of Keep Lord inside that takes a good group of peeps to take down so 4 stealthers can't jump a unbuilt wall and kill four guards to take a keep
  5. Wasichu

    With no bow master

    So the bow I made b4 patch is now worthless? That blows
  6. Wasichu

    Dagger mastery

    I thought the perks of dagger mastery the lifesteal and piercing buff was getting rolled into skill point tree but I don't see that. Am I missing something?
  7. How do you equip your bow with new patch and no bow mastery? I don't see any skill point to allow long bow just the bow with arcane archer and sharpshooter.
  8. Wasichu

    Strength stat

    I thats same but the person was saying the final dmg modifier you get with strength makes your dmg hit really hard compared to boosting i intelligence. I thought it was worthy of asking if any others tried that rout.
  9. Wasichu

    Strength stat

    Someone was saying to put all points in strength to boost final damage modifier. I was thinking intelligence. Is thier statement true?
  10. Was rapier the highest dps weapon?
  11. Wasichu


    Biggest issue I see is so.e of the skills in blackguard (poison related should be i vandal and vice versa. Kinda a dot path, cc path and big damage positional build. I also after playing non fae classes there needs to be a minor discapline for stealth run speed. Otherwise is fae or nothing. Imo Poisoner Discipline should allow you to equip 2 different poisons. Poison dart seems meh unless I missing something about it. Id rather it be a ranged snare dot i stead of what it currently is. I'd rather be able to catch runners.
  12. Dungeon is kinda a generic term. It could be The Banewood forest home of the god causing the hunger. Skys the limit. As well as bringing the lore to life. All nodes and beast have 15% chance to drop rarer materials.
  13. Its a pvp dungeon. And their is pve in this game all for resources. Same for a pvp dungeon. No more different than farming in quarrys. Not to mention it would expand on the lore of the Hunger
  14. Thats a good Idea as well Vamei. Problem with your response Duffy is the Dominant force will remain dominant thus always getting rewards. This happened in DAOC pre expansion with Albion. Darkness falls the pvp dungeon lessened the forces up top so less dominant forces could put had a easier start to thier push. The currency in Darkness falls was not trade or sellable and only used at the vendors in the dungeon it also degraded faster if I recall. Like I said crafted was the best
  15. Keeps and the plethora of capture points. Why capture them? Just to say you won the campain. Two suggestions one a dungeon like darkness falls from DAOC. It was the most brilliant idea they implemented. Which ever side owned the most keeps and outpost gained control of the dungeon. In the dungeon you could earn a currency from mobs to get great gear. This gear wasnt near as good as crafted gear which it shouldnt be but it was sufficient to be pvp viable. Lower tier mobs would drop a currency that would give good gear for low lev players and deeper in mobs droped epic currency. This did two things the dominant faction was in the dungeon and not able to quikly defend keeps and when the next faction took control of the dungeon they could muster together as a group and kill the mobs along the way to kill opposing faction while they were in the dungeon farming when you got to thier quadrant of the dungeon. It made for some of the most exciting feelings on both ends. When new faction got in it was like lets go get them SOBs and on other side of coin you were like aww hell we better get ready for battle or get back up top to retake our keeps. The smaller capture points on map scattered about play a roll in weakening the defences of the keeps. More capture points you took less guards spawned and their damage and defence was lessened. This makes small groups important for the roll as well.
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