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  1. So I write this with background of sieges in DAOC, GW2, and ESO. I got to attack about 4 forts with a group of people yesterday for the first time in this game and man what a let down. Found out you can only take keeps at certain set times which just seems illogical. I mean could you imagine a invading army in medieval times getting to a castle to take it over and go hey guys we have to wait 6 hours before we can attack. So the group I ran with charge in to first fort and I am like cool I will get to see what the catapults and ballista's look like. Nope we ran to a corner and basic attacked the wall as the healers healed. Wall bust open and we ran in and took keep 20 secs later. I'm sorry but this is not what I call fun, challenging, or good for the longevity of this game. From the past MMO's I've played they became epic battles with catapults launching and battering rams ramming. Defenders shooting ballista's from up top archers firing, assassins stealth climbing the walls to take out archers etc. Then if ya got to the center of the keep you had to fight the keep lord to take the keep not just stand in a circle and flip. A stone mason ought to be able to make intermediate siege engines fairly simple and advanced engines do a lot more damage and durability. That way if their isn't an advanced stonemason around you can make say 3 intermediate catapults to equal the damage of an advanced one. When a keep or fort is attacked the whole realm should be alerted so they can come and defend. If they defend well and hold off an attack then all in keep area should get a gold reward and maybe a rare food that gives a unique boost. Same goes for those who were on offence and take the keep. The keeps should be like a armored fortress and the only way to weaken the fortress is by taking the zones numerous scattered flags. Small camps weaken the hp of the walls and the towers weaken the guards ranking. Forts should remain doable by smaller groups of say 10 players. But know one should be able to just go melee down side of a wall to get in.
  2. I stated in quotes that backstab could be slotted in stealth tray. Alligator blood isn't very clear if its bleed defense then ok if its offensive then Vandals are only ones with a possible bleed proc. On In the Zone what did ya mean by more power longer? what is that actually doing for you. Is it boosting weapon power?
  3. So besides talking about the heavy armor meta as that topic has already been brought up before I leveled and played all 3 styles of the assassin. Now there is no way I could bear not playing Fae with out stealth speed as it is crucial for a melee type assassin to line up any kind of opening. I feel their should be a minor discipline to give the other races the option of stealth speed. I do believe Diffusion and Enter the Shadows should be swapped as a class defining ability should come earlier on as learning the tray swap system has a big learning curve when it comes to stealth. The cutthroat is well planed and thought out by the devs hats off. All points spent in tree make a better positional style assassin. Probable why its the most popular. Blackguard... I have yet to see any kind of barrier given from using kidney shot.(If it is given that some sort of indicator/visual would be nice; maybe a bubble shield around you) Since Blackguards don't really have a stealth opener ( I know you allowed backstab to be slotted) Spirit Dart is kinda that. It ticks for a whooping 50 damage albeit for a long time. I would like to see the ticks reduced and the damage increased to have more initial impact. I would also be nice to make it 20m range with a 5 sec snare if opponent is exposed. Alligator Blood... Is this defense towards receiving bleeds? if its a bleed booster than it should be in Vandal tree and swap with Toxicology as it fits a lot better with the Blackguard build theme. Zoned out ...doesn't fit the Blackguard play style imo maybe some like it. I would like it to rather add 5% more damage to diffusion per point spent. Or give diffusion a 50% chance to return 3 pips. Poison Paradise.... As is currently will never see use in a passive slot. Needs complete overhaul. Maybe 8% life from all Dmg output. Yagas Gift... This is Vandals ohh chit saver. I believe it also needs to give them 30% movement speed for those 4 secs. Does no good to get yagas's gift if I move like a snail in combat tray and by the time you swap to another tray those 4 secs of life saving are done and you are toast. Cheap Shot.... Should not be able to be retaliated or anything. Vandals are trading upfront big damage opener for a more cc style gameplay and kidney shot will 90% be retaliated.
  4. I like some of your ideas, stuns and debuffs are fine imo they just need to make retaliate have a cooldown and it have no effect on cheap shot for vandals. Some of the debuff skills from disciplines are wonky to me. I am not fond of the 3 step process of hits with a little bar charging channeling. very confusing and disrupts flow of combat to me. Even the you tube guys never slot these wonky things
  5. We got a buff spender, stun, and weak diffusion as other. We really need a pip spender that increases damage per pip. Diffusion would be nice to stay weak but add sec of snare per pip spent.
  6. Assasin stealth speed should come with specing stealth. And I think their should be a minor discapline that gives a passive 20% run speed in stealth to help non assasin. Stealthers. Could this make fae assasins faster yes if they wish to loose a minor slot. Or put it in major discapline like provocateur.
  7. Its not like choosing a faction is puting a barrier on people. When you make a new character you choose faction and its permanent. If ya find ya dont like it make a new character in a new faction with the new friends ya wanna join. Now all your new friends will be that faction. But bouncing a new faction every campain if ya want is plain bad
  8. For one I think you ought to pick faction a stay with a faction. There is no faction pride if all can just bounce to winning faction to have guaranteed forts for crafting and basically safe zones to gather/farm. Plus with no real reason to control real estate except for above who cares who wins. Needs to be something like a special zone that can be entered by the winning side which while in there they will be harder to get to keeps to defend. Siege pieces should be a crafting trait that peeps can throw up siege alot faster. And spontaneous. I really like how DAOCs siege worked. Alot of people would have to carry supplies and give it to the builder as he builds the seige. And all the small points in map were important also as gaining control of them weaked the defences of the keeps. If you control all the small flags in a area your keeps should have roaming guards and archers all over the top. If ya take small flags in zones guards would be reduced to bare minimum. There should also be some sort of Keep Lord inside that takes a good group of peeps to take down so 4 stealthers can't jump a unbuilt wall and kill four guards to take a keep
  9. Wasichu

    With no bow master

    So the bow I made b4 patch is now worthless? That blows
  10. Wasichu

    Dagger mastery

    I thought the perks of dagger mastery the lifesteal and piercing buff was getting rolled into skill point tree but I don't see that. Am I missing something?
  11. How do you equip your bow with new patch and no bow mastery? I don't see any skill point to allow long bow just the bow with arcane archer and sharpshooter.
  12. Wasichu

    Strength stat

    I thats same but the person was saying the final dmg modifier you get with strength makes your dmg hit really hard compared to boosting i intelligence. I thought it was worthy of asking if any others tried that rout.
  13. Wasichu

    Strength stat

    Someone was saying to put all points in strength to boost final damage modifier. I was thinking intelligence. Is thier statement true?
  14. Was rapier the highest dps weapon?
  15. Wasichu


    Biggest issue I see is so.e of the skills in blackguard (poison related should be i vandal and vice versa. Kinda a dot path, cc path and big damage positional build. I also after playing non fae classes there needs to be a minor discapline for stealth run speed. Otherwise is fae or nothing. Imo Poisoner Discipline should allow you to equip 2 different poisons. Poison dart seems meh unless I missing something about it. Id rather it be a ranged snare dot i stead of what it currently is. I'd rather be able to catch runners.
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