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  1. Even better to get feedback on them right? I rather find out I might have a problem 2 hours into a job than 4 hours into a job. They can always just ignore my post, I wont be hurt. Unless I don't get my cup, I WANT THAT CUP! Edit: Do you think I got sick because of EK's? No, it's the camera in general.
  2. Hi, hope it is ok that my feedback is a long one, also I hope I am doing this correctly. I got an email that said I would get a cup if I played Crowfall and left feedback. I guess my first bit of feedback is add links to the e-mails. Where to download the client and where to leave feedback would be nice. To preference my feedback, I played on an eternal kingdom the whole time. I played a fairy druid. I also have little experience with Crowfall. I do not know what is coming in patches, I do not know what has changed. I am commenting on the game as it is. These are only my opinions of the gam
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