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  1. Even better to get feedback on them right? I rather find out I might have a problem 2 hours into a job than 4 hours into a job. They can always just ignore my post, I wont be hurt. Unless I don't get my cup, I WANT THAT CUP! Edit: Do you think I got sick because of EK's? No, it's the camera in general.
  2. Hi, hope it is ok that my feedback is a long one, also I hope I am doing this correctly. I got an email that said I would get a cup if I played Crowfall and left feedback. I guess my first bit of feedback is add links to the e-mails. Where to download the client and where to leave feedback would be nice. To preference my feedback, I played on an eternal kingdom the whole time. I played a fairy druid. I also have little experience with Crowfall. I do not know what is coming in patches, I do not know what has changed. I am commenting on the game as it is. These are only my opinions of the game as is. I swear, my overall impression is positive though! Cons: Sorry this list is longer then Pros, but I mean, game isn't done right? I did not figure out a way to unlock my camera from the mouse- I will not be refunding my game if I cannot change this... but I will not be able to play the game if this remains unchanged. Having the mouse swings control my character's movement makes me motion sick after about 30 minutes. That is really not a long enough time for an MMO. Harvesting, what do?- I never figured out how the harvesting minigame works. I could not find a tutorial. Logout- I could not find a button. /camp and /logoff did nothing. I tried /quit and /logout too. Clicking and dragging items is weird- the picture of the item leads the grid placement of the item in the inventory. I feel like I am dragging a bad dog around my inventory when trying to place things. Crafting is clunky-At first I did not like the UI. Paging through recipes felt sticky and slow. After that the actual crafting is slow. If I could click the wood slot and get a drop down with appropriate wood types from my inventory that would feel nice, plus, when faced with items that have esoteric names I could not feel like a chimp trying to figure out which pegs fits in which hole. The menu is not great- when I hit escape so much stuff pops in front of my screen. I start my pros saying how immersive the game was. This means having a single key remove 80% of my field of vision feels like getting into a car accident. It would feel better to me if escape only opened the toolbar ribbon, and maybe the character sheet. Maybe it would be better if no menu took up the whole width of the screen. Also, the game has a way of remembering what menus were open previously. This means when I hit the escape key I might see my talent tree, crafting window, bank, ect all overlapping. Please just have esc open the ribbon, have the rest on separate hotkeys. The UI is not great- I do not like the way menus can overlap. I do not appreciate the way I can move them around and cannot lock their positions. I do not like how they look. I think the UI does not fit the game and is kind of general ugly and hard edged. It does not feel themed for a game with magic and swords. No minimap- hope this comes. I am literally lost without one. The inability to rotate the wold map makes it hard for me to read the compass thing that related to my character. A minimap would fix that for me. SPRINTING UP HILLS- If I hold the sprint (flap) button I can float up hills and mountains. This feels like it is pretty exploitable. Map Construction- Placing map tiles feels slow and clunky. I would like a rotate map and zoom button. I was surprised when I got mountains and hills. Having paths detailed on pieces would help me get ideas too. Building placement- This was super clunky. It felt bad and I often did not know what was conflicting with pieces. The amount of struggle I had placing an object left me just wishing I could have stuff clip into each other. Placing one item at time was not great either. Let me dump all my legos onto the carpet before arranging them! Let me unlock my camera from a single piece and float around my land. I would like the see from various angles. This would really help with socketed buildings. Socketed buildings- Ok, I get it, I really do. This could be cool. It is not cool. It takes too long to chase down a socket before it magnetizes to a spot. After that, I had some buildings that were placed slightly wrong so I could not place the socketed item. This means I had to back out, readjust the building placement, then use the slow UI to re-socket it, only to find there was still a weird bit of terrain collision preventing placement! This was annoying. Again, being able to see what piece of terrain was conflicting would have been nice. Mark it in red/yellow or something please. Another idea would be to have socket only buildings automatically pick a socket to plug into. I can only place the item on the parcel so replace the height adjustment buttons with buttons that cycle through all available sockets on the parcel. I can only place it in specific spots, why make me hunt for them and struggle to align the parts? Similar with socket optional pieces, give me a button to toggle socket mode. Here is how I have to build a long ramp now. Hit esc to open my inventory, close 3 windows, right click item. Placement grid opens. I move the item by spamming the direction keys I get the ramp into place. Spam more keys to rotate it. Adjust height with more clicking, click to place. Hit escape, click new ramp, spam keys to move the new ramp to the old ramp. Adjust height until the new ramp finally magnetizes to the old. Get denied because there is a small rock or something that I cannot see because I cannot zoom in while placing items. Uninstall game. Here is what I would like to see. Hit esc and see my inventory. Click the ramp and have it open placement mode. See all placeable items in my inventory, click and drag my ramps onto the placement grid. Click and drag the first ramp into place, use my mouse wheel to scroll. Click my second ramp, hit a key to enter socket mode. Watch as the ramp flies the connect with a house or something dumb. Hit the next key until it is on the correct side of the ramp I wanted. Get denied because there is a small rock or something but then be able to ZOOM IN AND SEE THE PROBLEM. Go clear the rock, finish placement, and feel accomplished! Sorry to get so negative at the end but I just played a bunch to double check my feedback claims and got really motion sick. Pros: The game is responsive in a way that makes me feel like my character is in the world- This is the absolute biggest thing for me. Gliding, jumping, walking, sprinting, it all feels good. When I hit a control my character moves in the world. It is smooth and feels nice. When I go forward there is no screen tearing and everything moves nicely. I feel really invested in a game when it is like this. I loved the heck out of the gameplay and story in Wildstar and Rifts but I could never iron out the wrinkles in those games’ camera. It took me out and I left those games for pretty much just that reason. I could never fully invest in the world. I have played a ton of games/mmo's but those two in particular I left only because my character felt like they were just juttering through a fake world. This is pre-alpha, really? It feels so good to play already. If I could fix the camera I would play the game just to move around the world. I can see Crowfall's wargame theme- The way that the map is stylized and has nameplates is fun. The font on the map works. Heck, even my character looks like a figurine. The textures make her look like a war-gaming piece. The wings even have a matte finish. There are some neat ideas with the harvesting- I like the idea of bonuses. The targets are cool, even if I did not figure out how they worked. Animations- They feel good, look smooth.
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