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  1. Confused: I can't find a weapon rack. I believe I'm in a Campaign World so they should be around (I'm on Bloodbath US West). I haven't been able to really do anything other than wander around and start levelling a skill. I ran up to a tree and tried to punch it, but I assume turning the tree into wood resource requires an axe. Also, I tried to switch to my Survival Tray (supposedly T hotkey) but it didn't appear to do anything to my UI state. [Edit: I figured this out after about 10 minutes, apparently I had to hit Z to enter the correct mode, rather than T or H, which is what the instructions here seemed to be saying: https://crowfall.com/en/how-to-play/#harvesting ] Input issue: I usually play with EDSF instead of WASD, but Crowfall won't let me rebind E because it's reserved. The message says: "Cannot reassign lobby settings E as it is reserved." I use an ergonomic keyboard that makes it very hard to play with WASD so this is frustrating. Unimmersive terms: The skills section uses terms like "Tank", "DPS", etc, which I don't think should appear anywhere in the game. These are shorthand terms that players use, it's pretty unimmersive to see them used by the actual game. I realize that this is pre-alpha but I've seen a lot of games ship with these types of terms, and I think their use massively diminishes the fantasy of the world. Can't Scroll: I can't mousewheel scroll in any of the windows, even though there's a scrollbar I can grab with my mouse.