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  1. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    I think that’s the biggest negative for the Time based system, it might not have an impact in the next few years, but 5+ years. people are still playing UO, EQ, EQ2, WOW, EVE, etc. Cringe worthy graphics aside, I’d bet EVE is the worst game to start now in terms of being a newb.
  2. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    EDIT: in before the fanboys get mad, I’m not saying I prefer one over the other. Just that specialized characters is not a good argument for a Time based skill system. I do see other benefits in the Time based system though. I understand the skill tree allows people to specialize (an therefore promotes groups) But as to the topic “Time Based Skills”, the time part doesn’t promote group play,. you could have a level system with skill trees that allowed for specialized characters. And infact, over a long period of time, the Time based skill procession will allow people to get all skills and in the long run characters will start to become less specialized. A level based system has a cap, the highest level. A time based system has no cap. If they stick with a time based system, a point cap would be necessary to promote specialized classes.
  3. Thanks Goose for the reply! it being pre-alpha is kinda why I asked, just didn’t want to waste time/resources if everything fails. Now that I know it’s possible, I’m fine with low odds with low skill level. Plus makes successes just that more valuable;) tried 3rd time (with tier 1 resources) and was successful on Book Bound Chapter and the final 1 Hand Book combine.
  4. Failed the final combine of Book Bound Chapter, 2 of 2 times now. just bad luck? Anyone else try and fail I know 2x isn’t a large sample, but its a good chunk of resources to try a 3rd time ATM, without risk of damaging my keyboard/monitor.... 1st post, sorry if it’s the wrong place. (Edit 1st “testing” post) Had the Crafting discipline the 1st time (before 5.2) and with crafting pots the 2nd time on 5.2.10
  5. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    LFGuild I like to craft, lots, lots, so much so I’m usually behind in levels, but with the time system won’t be an issue. not much of PvP guy, but like the hardcore crafting of Crowfall. usually play pure healers if possible and/or crowd control. started with UO. big in EQ, maxed out every crafter. Loved my chanter, but raided with Templar cause, well server was short on them. Vanguard, EQ2 every crafter, hated EQ2 crafting, hated the button mashing in crafting revamp. SWG had most of the master crafters, but left when the economy crashed due to tip hack. Loved SWG crafting, was the crafter for 5-6 guilds. on Canada West coast, but weird hours, so doesn’t matter where you are, can use any chat. Haven’t cared for most mmo’s in last 5-10 years, to dumbed down.