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  1. Great read! Absolutely agree with Belentis. This reminded me a lot of the old War reports we got in Shadowbane beta/live. Lots of detail on the political back and forth and siege action. The videos and gifs also great for recording the action of what happened.
  2. So you got ganked while out solo farming? Seems like in a game about guild vs guild combat, the correct result for all solo harvest ventures is to end in significant tears. Getting outplayed and ganked is part of the game cycle. It's going to happen. Where was your guild? Do you not have a guild yet? If you have a guild and went out solo anyway, again that's poor choices on your part. This game is going to require interdependence (even with skill changes). You cant go out harvesting alone and expect it to end in anything other than getting ganked. I've not gotten to play yet, and certainly a lot of folks are posting that the harvest system is bad (didn't ACE say they were overhauling it yesterday?), but this doesn't seem to be about harvesting. In a pvp game like Crowfall, poor choices get you killed and hours of your work destroyed. That's what consequences are about. Either you harvested without a guild or the guild dropped the ball on protecting you.
  3. I don't recall them putting that anywhere in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS when I was making my account. Seems like that should have been made clear at the start. Usually your account name and your in-game name are completely separate in most MMOs..... I guess at least they are giving a free name change.
  4. How is the "time to kill" in the testing now? It seems like the heals keep up casters like a confessor up a long time even when focused. I guess the OP admitted fight was "cagey" because it was a duel between guilds. Nice fight and video! Hope they get into beta soon.
  5. ACE DEV team got to be one of the most responsive to its community I've ever seen. The video, change, and the post itself are proof. So long as you cant use the new tombs to get further than you could with just VIP (whether that diminishing returns or a limit or whatever) I don't really see a problem. The ability to catch up people is huge! Lots of folks get turned off on passive skill systems exactly because you cannot get on to an even playing field with the Day One Fanbois. This seems like a good change for the health of the game long term (so long as it can't be exploited).
  6. Good summary of Crowfall for building some hype now that were getting closer to soft launch. Still waiting on my beta group to get in
  7. Great video! Liked seeing the interplay between having multiple factions in the same area.
  8. Didn't know Coolwaters, but certainly read a lot of his posts while lurking on the forums RIP.
  9. The explosion in the 3rd video is pretty hilarious. Seems like even with even fights and larger numbers Standard Bearer's % heal is still an issue.... focused fire from the W folks and catching folks out of position can drop still get kills, but when the standard bearers are down and pulse it seems like the TTK remains very very high. Chaos was able to stay up a long time and I didnt see many healers there.
  10. Watched the first 5 minutes. Must have been epic as the one ranger, but just it seems like the balance players weren't aware of the bug mentioned in the start of the video. You can see the melee sitting on top of Unfolded, swinging away for no damage. 4 or 5 of the players on the field couldn't actually do damage to the Unfolded or weren't aware of how to deal with that bug/exploit.
  11. That was a long fight! Lots of back and forth in the fight in the beginning and a lot of chasing the group of Order. Seems like with low skills and weapon quality even a small group like those 5 Order are able to hold out and retreat. May need some tweaking.
  12. Yeah the fights are a lot smaller than I was expecting. Still fun to get a glimpse of the action.
  13. Seems like the natives are going a bit crazy for lack of pvp!
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