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  1. Male Half Giant myrmidon appears to be using the a different race's sound when using LMB Also, this game has armor class now?
  2. Making the mobile bank buff a one time use favors larger groups who can keep summoning it as they gank solos and duo who already used theirs. I and many others feel that this bank goes against what CF is advertised as and should be completely removed instead.
  3. You do realize that Death Alliance had less than 20 people playing when they formed their alliance right? Don't talk about things you know nothing about. I do agree though that organizing Chaos guilds is next to impossible.
  4. Allowing us to toggle sprint while outside of combat would be a small but nice QoL.
  5. Myrmidon's berserk crash timer isn't displaying the heart icon now.
  6. Pretty funny that you don't mind exploiting an actual bug to get inside the keep but take issue with campfires.
  7. A large group of balance just attempted to take our keep. Despite their exploiting of our bugged wall, they still lost.. Big oof.
  8. Man I like that UI so much more. Especially the hotbar.
  9. Do you guys normally go check parcels that don't have any PoIs? Because this specific fight moved away from where it started to pretty random spot on the map.
  10. It was not organized, my point in the post was that they saw the fight being streamed and came to crash it with 15. This event contradicts his claims.
  11. Well for one, no where in my post do I call them a zerg, i was specifically pointing out the contradiction in his last comment in parenthesis. Also, we weren't streaming it, the Balance group that we were fighting was.
  12. Is that why you guys ran 15 deep to disrupt a 5v5 that was being streamed by Galvia?
  13. If we were to hold everything to real life standards in a video game, no one would be allowed to revive after dying. I don't think it's practical to hold one aspect of gameplay to that and not the rest. You can certainly draw ideas off of real life but you can't expect them to work exactly the same way.
  14. Let's see what dictionary.com has to say. noun Digital Technology. a flaw in hardware or software that is vulnerable to hacking or other cyberattacks. a piece of software that takes advantage of such a flaw to compromise a computer system or network. (in a video game) the use of a bug or flaw in game design to a player’s advantage or to the disadvantage of other players. Unless you think owning more than one account (something that every game I
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