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  1. Pretty funny that you don't mind exploiting an actual bug to get inside the keep but take issue with campfires.
  2. A large group of balance just attempted to take our keep. Despite their exploiting of our bugged wall, they still lost.. Big oof.
  3. Man I like that UI so much more. Especially the hotbar.
  4. Do you guys normally go check parcels that don't have any PoIs? Because this specific fight moved away from where it started to pretty random spot on the map.
  5. It was not organized, my point in the post was that they saw the fight being streamed and came to crash it with 15. This event contradicts his claims.
  6. Well for one, no where in my post do I call them a zerg, i was specifically pointing out the contradiction in his last comment in parenthesis. Also, we weren't streaming it, the Balance group that we were fighting was.
  7. Is that why you guys ran 15 deep to disrupt a 5v5 that was being streamed by Galvia?
  8. If we were to hold everything to real life standards in a video game, no one would be allowed to revive after dying. I don't think it's practical to hold one aspect of gameplay to that and not the rest. You can certainly draw ideas off of real life but you can't expect them to work exactly the same way.
  9. Let's see what dictionary.com has to say. noun Digital Technology. a flaw in hardware or software that is vulnerable to hacking or other cyberattacks. a piece of software that takes advantage of such a flaw to compromise a computer system or network. (in a video game) the use of a bug or flaw in game design to a player’s advantage or to the disadvantage of other players. Unless you think owning more than one account (something that every game I've ever played allows) is a flaw then this is not an exploit. Furthermore, spying is a large part of any pvp game. Some people know how to outsmart the players spying and will win regardless of how much intel the opponent has. I'd also like to argue that spying adds an additional layer to GvG via counter intelligence, double agents, and all sorts of things that the intelligence community utilizes in real life.
  10. the fort & guards mechanics on test right now will make it so that its more important and easier to defend your points. Hopefully this will make captures and kills go hand in hand.
  11. Sadly, I don't think we'll get it changed any time soon. Based on the talent trees, i think they intend for the titan to just be squishy and die when the titan version of berserk ends. conqueror might have some use though with it's slows. If not, I'll be taking a break from myrm for a bit.
  12. You just stated that this game is in pre-alpha. As Arkade said, this change is not the last change. Part of pre-alpha, alpha, and even beta will be ACE making changes like these just to see what effect it has. It's easy to forget that we are just guinea pigs who paid to do it.
  13. You think I get upset over that? It's fine man you do you. In the end its just a game and I can joke around too.
  14. lol, i love it when you guys blame EU when last campaign UDL had more than double their score and this campaign they aren't even on the scoreboard. Makes you look really salty.
  15. Chaos currently in the lead by 6k despite the 2 groups of 10-12 running around last night!
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