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  1. I have got the same issue. It's trying to "wake" my kingdom, but never achieves it and stops after a few minutes bringing me back to "Start up kingdom"


    Edit: Issue only seems to affect EU EKs. If I pick a US server, it works fine.

  2. 1 hour ago, cloudfly said:

    almost every old school mmo alpha, beta pre-alpha whatever, was free. you didnt charge people to play your unfinished game.

    Having the right to Play a beta test or even alpha is something that was reserved to lucky people, critics or influencers. ACE isn't different beside the fact that they also give early acces to those who are supporting the game production financially. I think that's fair.

    I mean I didn't pay to get early access, but because I am convinced that, once released, this game will be fun and that I will very likely play it a lot. :)

  3. This is just a wild guess, but I think we will get a "static" bank at a fix location in the EK (like you can already find in forts in the campain) and, during campains, in the Beachheads. IMO the spirit bank is more of a way to pass stuff from your EK to the campain than an actual storage. At least I hope it is planned that way. :)


  4. On ‎29‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 3:40 AM, Wolfwynd said:

    25 Ethereal Dust to produce even basic/intermediate items? Even after training nearly exclusively harvesting skills that increase drop rates in the last fortnight, the ED drop rates are still so low that 3 hours of actually boring and repetitive grinding (Taking into account need to make new tools that last longer than 3 swings, which themselves require ED)  won't produce enough to make a whole set of armor. This leaves me feeling irritated that I just killed an entire nights gaming only to still be behind the eight ball.

    This is what I actually like about the state of the game so far. I don't want another MMORPG where you get gear without doing anything for it. I want to invest time and be rewarded for it. I am looking for a game that actually rewards hardcore players for playing more than the average player.

    Many MMORPGS have failed this aspect in the last years. Vanilla WoW was awesome in that aspect... To the point where having an epic mount was exclusive and being able to be in a descent raid guild or being in top ranks in PvP was awarded to less than 1% of the players. 

    I really hope that crowfall will reward dedication and not throw good equipment to all Players regardless of the amount of time they spend gaming. This will only lead to a boring game for every player who actually can and wants to invest more time.

    On ‎29‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 3:40 AM, Wolfwynd said:

    I'm asking myself why I'm bothering. Why anyone would. I have liked some of the things I'm seeing, and I can see the potential here. But this is raw. Not raw like good sushi, raw like carpet burn on your ass raw. Raw like improperly cut puffer fish raw. I say this as I'm going to go in and impulsively check that my skills are still cycling, instead of dropping off for the 3rd time today.

    I laughed when I read this... As already mentioned above by others: This is PRE-Alpha which means it's in the babystep phase.

    I can tell you why I am bothering: Because so far this game makes me feel something that I haven't felt in any MMORPG since WoW BC: Anticipation and curiosity. That's because the concept is new and still the game is refreshingly old school in terms of needed dedication to get better at it. 

    On ‎29‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 3:40 AM, Wolfwynd said:

    If you want to view this as a whine, feel free.

    This always sounds like "I am not racist, but..." 

    Don't mention the word "whine" and your threads will less likely be entilted as a "whine". ;)  Just a little advice from me.


    In the end it's your opinion and of course everybody should respect it. Still, when I read your post, I have the feeling that you would be better off we another MMORPG which is more casual (not negative).



  5. Hi,

    I was wondering how stealth is working in Crowfall.

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't seem to affect minions since they engage me when I am 25 meters away. This isn't a big deal so far, but still annoying if I want to pass an area safely.

    Knowing stealth from other games like WoW, GW2 or Heroes of the Storm, could someone explain me how it works in comparison?

    In WoW you are stealthed as long as you want and the chance of getting detected is very low and only occures if you are really Close (2-3 meters) from the target.

    In GW2, if I remember well, once a character entered stealth mode, it was completely invisible but it did only last a certain time and had a CD.

    In Heroes of the Storm you can see stealthed characters if you pay a little attention (shape is visible).


    I have not met a stealthed enemy so far and therefore I cannot tell how it looks like for the enemy when I am stealthed. :)


    Thank you in advance for you answer(s).




  6. Guild criteria:

    • Region: EU - CET / also open to US East since I am playing from late on, so if there is a guild starting around 5 pm on the east cost, it would be possible. :)
    • Atmosphere: 25+, a simple, not to serious, friendly and organized community.
    • Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-Hardcore
    • Size: small to medium.  
    • Play-Style: Used to play mostly melee characters in other mmorpgs, but not decided yet what it will be here. Probably more crafter than gatherer (also undecided). I always want to get the maximum out of my character. Don't like to switch characters and I am mostly very dedicated to one. I really enjoy challenges and competitions.
    • Commitment: I am working in a hotel which means that I have switching shifts. In most cases I will know about mid month how I work the next month. Usually from 12.30 to 22.00 o'clock. Next to that I am playing 4-5 hours on work days and up to 14 hours on non-work days.
    • Miscellaneous:  29 years old. Born and raised in Switzerland with german parents. I am speaking english, german and French fluently. So I am open for guilds of those 3 languages priorizing the order I mentionend (EN,DE,FR).
    • Experience: WOW (400 days), GW2 (150 days), SWTOR (50 days), GW (30 days), Overwatch, LOL, HOTS, Hearthstone. I am skipping the whole AoE and EE stuff I played as a kid and also the whole PS4 stuff I am still playing.
    • Voice-Chat services: whatever is needed.
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