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  1. It refreshing to see companies take risks, but passive skill system is lame, and doesn't encourage people to actually play the game.
  2. What ever you did with this update, it's eating up so much memory that I can't even allocate skill points. It's using 1,490MB of memory just sitting on the skills page.
  3. What would that be? I've only the way I've seen to advance/customize your character is through this "Click on a skill tree once every 24 hours, mini game" I'm assuming that the whole skill tree is just a place saver, and general template, for seeing how well the system/nodes interact with the live game. Since they skill nodes are fairly randomly placed. Why would you need to train your INT up, as a prerequisite for training your STR, and DEX?
  4. I'm trying to think of which game, 1st person/3rd person over the shoulder, doesn't use WASD for movement. Which game are you playing that has a "click to move" movement system? It sounds more like the MOBA or Strategy game genres. I think you'd lose a ton of reaction time with a "click to move" versus a "mouse look- WASD strafing" set up.
  5. When I wrote that only Pre-Alpha 1 - Alpha 1, Kickstarter Alpha 2 were eligible for the test server(This is from the email they sent out on the 17th). As of 5:04 last night, they opened it to all of group alpha 2. The cost of getting alpha 1 access is $500, and since one can't go back in time and pledge the kickstarter campaign, that was the only option for getting access.
  6. I would say wait a bit longer. Unless you want to buy the $5oo pledge package(for the Test server path 5.3.1), you'll only have access to the 24/7 server(which has patch 5.2) which have 8 players on it right now.
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