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  1. Box to win

    Crafting? sure one person could cover all the crafting. Good luck getting the manpower in harvesting the material needed to supply your crafters, or the protection to even transport said material to the crafting stations. Speaking of crafting stations, you still need manpower to defend them from enemy players/guilds.
  2. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    Bland, generic gameplay with no specialization. If anybody can be anything, then the only thing people will play is what is in META. Imagine a game filled with nothing but assassins, because assassins are the best at killing. Without a harvesting skill training, there is no reason to be a harvester, everybody does it equally well so may as well maximize your dps to kill. Same with crafting, scouting and anything really. getting rid of skill training negates any and all reason for dedicated crafting/harvesting. A BIG part of this game.
  3. Purpose of the EVE skill system?

    The skills allow specialization, if everybody could do everything there is no reason to join a group. Specialization encourages group play. They made the bonuses not a huge deal, but large enough that you should be mindful and have an idea of what you are aiming for. This is not a barrier to entry, it is a reward for time invested. In regards to harvesting, it means the person who trained in it gets materials faster than a player who has not. THis is not the same as saying there is a lv90 resource that can only be mined by a player who maxed out mining.
  4. The class statues are not reviving, they are giving you a brand new vessel when you use them. I would imagine this is a code thing, and it makes sense. Use class statue, get a shiny new body. The big one brings back your old vessel, along with anything equipped. I don't think they should change it, but am curious how the race/class split makes temples work. I also believe you can exit out of them when you ((eventually)) customize the avatar? The customize avatar screen should tip you off that it's the wrong one to go to.
  5. During a mid size fight in CW ((US East)) playing a druid; after getting knocked down/rooted/suppressed my skill bar got glitched to that of a hamster in stealth. In fact, I was able to use the #4 slotted ability to scoot about. The error was fixed buy exiting to the lobby and coming back to the CW. Also got a huge hit to my memory, an extra 10gigs of it being used when crowfall was running.
  6. Harvest Elken for leather?

    Eyeballs, eyeballs for sale, freshly dug up from the cemetery myself! With player made vessels using necromancy, supplied by your local grave digging harvester, why would player skinning be far fetched? To hell with skinning a player, if his vessel was made with legendary eyes I would love to get my necromancer hands on them.
  7. Skill System

    Correct me if I am wrong and citation needed, but I believe they said something along the lines of having thralls be able to teach skills?
  8. Thanks for the bug report, next time try and keep it contained to the official thread? I think they make a new one every week or so. https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/forum/104-pre-alpha-5-playtest-feedback-and-bug-reports/
  9. Duelist: Other Races

    I would love to argue that point saying Divine grace is not the same as arcane magick, and thus human does not learn any magick but that would derail the thread ;P
  10. So I love my screen name but...

    @0bec9da0-0569-11e6-837a-bbc855639fc6 Email Support@crowfall.com
  11. Uses for Ethereal Dust

    They most certainly are.
  12. Uses for Ethereal Dust

    So much dust, especially if you are using the pre-alpha potions.
  13. Myrmidon - The Dark Horse of Crowfall

    To be fair, they did say they want races to be op in their own unique way, with viable/unviable classes/disc.
  14. This game most certainly is based on harvesting/crafting There should be a couple little things out in the CW worlds to kill like hellcats, but PVE is not the focus of this game. PVE is going to be resource based around POI ((like mobs you can skin for leather)) with the intent of pvp vultures making it unsafe to solo. 5.2.1 Has a map in it! Have you tried crafting any of the disciplines yet? Most add at least one skill/passive ability. You can equip two major, one weapon, and three minor disc to customize the character.
  15. After excessive EK tweaking ((Adding/removing parcels, placing/removing buildings/Fort pieces)) my druid is unable to use the RMB dash, as in the animation plays but the character does not move. Using LMB in life tray does the animation and gains essence but the orbs are neither visible or able to be picked up. Re-logging fixed the issue, but still strange.