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  1. Thanks I have not played for a while I love the creators though
  2. No, there will be a Santa. I love the creators of the game. I am gonna see it through I just hope things are smoother during launch. I really hope they reconsider trading/add levels and PVM but I totally understand if they do not. Just an opinion. I love their graphics and ideology of the game.
  3. santa


    Not a suck up at all. I just appreciate what they do
  4. I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! The development team has done a great job fixing bugs and keeping up with peoples suggestions! I wanted to give a special "Thanks" to Gordan Walton and Todd Coleman and the rest of the team for making Crowfall a reality! From Santa
  5. santa


    I still believe Holmes got a lucky kick. Any person would be knocked out getting kicked in the neck like that.
  6. santa

    New PC Specs

    It is going to be shipping to me but i got them to post pictures!
  7. santa

    New PC Specs

    The computer is built! If you go on Facebook Santatoyreview you will see the pictures!
  8. santa

    New PC Specs

    I bought a whole Santa suit and everything!
  9. santa

    New PC Specs

    I like the picture quality for my YouTube videos
  10. santa

    New PC Specs

    I just bought a Sony 4k Camcorder fdr-ax33 bundle
  11. santa

    New PC Specs

    Its been like 2 weeks of waiting so far!
  12. santa

    New PC Specs

    can't wait till this beast comes another 9 days or so till it ships!!!
  13. santa

    New PC Specs

    it's not a troll want to see my receipts ...
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