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  1. 100% Correct I want this game to succeed but right now it is bogus. It isn't going to get a big player base without a majority of spending players in mind. They need to have content to do. Not just Guild PVP content. Sorry but that isn't a majority of the people in the world. There may be some but it isn't enough to grow the player base. You have to make adjustments for many player types.
  2. They need something because it's just not working the current way. It's not enough to draw in money. People can't be on all the time and with the low player count it makes it harder and harder to do things. Yes, there might be some lucky people who can be on all day with 5/10 people that just keep Pking people but for the majority of people this system isn't going to work. It's going to get many people bored and a game with no players is going to be less pking.
  3. And just so everyone knows don't get me wrong I love the PVP and Guild teamwork/gameplay. I just think there needs to be more available options for solo players when those people aren't online. It helps retention. I want people to be able to be rewarded for their long hours too. I want that number to jump to 25-50k players online.
  4. Example: let's give you a collectors edition. One week later you get a note saying send back the collectors edition so we can stomp on it. That is the perfect example of a depletion (Deletion) system. Oh don't forget the time you wasted and shipping costs lol! 🤣
  5. I play multiple games, I play innovative games. I thought this was gonna be innovative not boring af. I mean if you find doing the same thing fun go do it 🤣😂 but really all I see you doing is talking on forums. Must be a fun life 🤣 a game can't run with constantly depleting items. People are eventually gonna be sick of constantly regaining their stuff. And losing everything they purchase.... It is a dumb system. I am not a robot or brainless. That is the only type of people that would think spending money for fast depleting items is okay and having everything you work for disappearing.
  6. I guess if you want a game to last for 2-3 months. Lmao Money and Players are needed just to host the servers+tons of employees paychecks. Why don't you just play creative in Fortnite if you want to just kill someone over and over back and forth. You don't gain or lose anything. Sounds kind of like this game. That is literally this garbage mechanic.
  7. Yep, you don't know how much money it costs a game like this to run. You measly 1k isn't going to drive this game to run monthly. They need a player base and money coming in. People don't want to pay for stuff that disappears. Many backers that backed with me were disgruntled off when this turned out to be nothing more than a cash sink. About 10 of my friends left.
  8. Make it a few million on these mechanics 🤣😂 the player count would be higher if people enjoyed this.
  9. Okay guess 50k a year in sales is much better than millions in sales. In your mindset lol
  10. I am clearing stating over and over it doesn't impact you. It doesn't do anything negative towards you. Why do you insist on limiting a game? Limiting it from millions of players/money.
  11. Todd is from Wizard101. I am helping here if you want the game to last another few years. Money and Players run a game not 10-20 people who are PVP FIENDS who sit on the PC all day. The player count and purchases lately show what I mean. Hopefully they test it because it doesn't impact you in any way, shape or form.
  12. What is their player count? What is their overall revenue? Crafting and Killing is irrelevant to this game because everything disappears into the abyss over and over.
  13. I ride them around in Dregs and Skypoint almost every day on two accounts. Via why I know how much of a garbage mechanic it is.
  14. I am on my phone so I only see your forum posts badges. I am saying in general a game like this with only 5k or less players isn't going to last without real enticing items to buy. You might want a guild only pvp game but if it only has under 5k players most of which are F2P it won't get fast / last long. Incorporating the other stuff in doesn't harm your Guild PVP. You are limiting the market.
  15. What badge? Just posting tons?!? That doesn't make you a big spender. I have went through 4 mounts by the way.
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